Skinflint Sunday: on a Monday!

Phew! I finally finished blogging about North Korea on the other blog, so now it’s time to get back to regular programming around here. I’ve missed writing about the day-to-day, and I’ve got so much to tell you!

So, in the 5 months since I returned from North Korea, what’s been going on around here?

Everything. And nothing. I’ve set myself a target on Goodreads to read 80 books this year. As of this morning, I’m 6 books behind schedule. I’m only up to 52. I’ll be having a few ‘Reading Days’ these school holidays.

Did I mention it’s school holidays? if it wasn’t, I’d be in front of my year 9’s at the moment. They’re not my favourite class, if you get my drift, so that makes me sitting on the couch in my PJs at 12:20PM seem even sweeter.

There’s been a HUGE project that I’ve still not finished.

I’ve been getting my hands dirty again.

Life’s been good. Can’t wait to tell you all I’ve been doing.


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2 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: on a Monday!

  1. foodnstuff says:

    “Can’t wait to tell you all I’ve been doing.” Baited breath here!

  2. Stacy says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your day to day and enjoying cute pictures of your puppies. They always brighten my day!

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