Snippets from schooling.

    • My year 8’s didn’t settle down to work yesterday. We were supposed to be watching little portions of ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ and discussing film techniques, but they were restless and noisy. I cracked it and made them write “I will not be disruptive’ 100 times. Seriously, I don’t think they’ve ever had to write lines before. It kept them quiet, almost shell-shocked, for the rest of the lesson and I got to do some writing. Would it be unprofessional if I made them do this every lesson…?
    • The next lesson after that was my year 7’s. At the start of each English lesson, I allow the kids 10 minutes to either read what they want or write what they want. It’s a silent part of the lesson because they’re not allowed to interfere with anyone else’s private time. Ethan spent the first 6 minutes dancing silently in a corner. He was quiet and didn’t try and disrupt anyone else – he was just dancing, seeing if I’d say anything to him. I just pretended I didn’t see him; I wanted to see if he’d last the full 10 minutes. Made me laugh, though.
    • Evan22 sent me a video of his end of year assessment piece for his acting course. The students had to film someone telling a story, then they had to duplicate the delivery. Evan22 deliberately chose someone very different to himself – a sporty guy telling a story about a brawl on the sidelines of a footy match. I’m so proud of him because his delivery is so completely unlike how he is IRL. I’m feeling relieved… Maybe this acting course IS the right course for him…?
    • It’s the year 12’s last day of classes today. They’ve had their dress-up day, their shirt/uniform signing day and we’ve just come back from their assembly where they show short videos they’ve made, they sing and dance and generally leap around and celebrate their freedom. (Of course, with exams starting in 12 days, freedom is still an illusion…) To celebrate OUR illusory freedom, the year 12 teachers are having a sausage sizzle at the Bowls Club after school today. Can’t wait!
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