Random musings as kids write.

  • I’m sitting here in front of my docile year 9 class while they’re writing an essay. It’s silent, the only sounds being the noise from the class next door, the click of my nails hitting the keyboard and papers rustling. It’s a fairly hard task that they’re doing and there’s been lots of apprehension. The kids at this school are really diligent and want to do well, so they’ve been stressing over how to do this properly. Even the lazy ones have been asking questions in the week leading up to this.
  • I’ve just finished the most fabulous book by Richard Glover. ‘The Land Before Avocado’ is a look at Australia in the 1960’s and 70’s. As someone who grew up in this time, it brought back so many memories. Things were pretty insane back then – sometimes in a good way (the music) but often in a bad way (the sexism and racism – along with all the smoking and crime.) I highly recommend it – it’s a funny and extremely interesting read.
  • Poppy and Jeff have just come back from a visit to the vet to have their teeth cleaned and quite a few extractions. They’re only 5 years old, yet they’ve had a heap of teeth out already. I’ve been 30 years in this breed and I’ve never seen teeth this bad. The vet said that they’re seeing this more and more in the smaller breeds – the bone under the gums gets eaten away and then abscesses form under the teeth in the gaps that are left. He said that he thinks that in 20 years time they’ll find that this problem is genetic. $1400 later I left the surgery with my two little gummy-mouthed people in tow. Yikes!
  • Do you know how much I like teaching when the kids are deathly silent and I can write what I want?
  • Do you know how much I’ll dislike reading their essays for hours on end once they hand them in?
  • David25 told me that he’ll be moving out soon. In a couple of months, probably. Of all the boys, he’s the only one that hasn’t yet had a stint of independent living. Poverty has prevented him from doing so, but we get along beautifully so it hasn’t been a drag having him around. The thing I’m most excited about – apart from the joy of seeing him finally become an adult, of course- is that when he moves out, I’ll make Ryan23 move across into David25’s room and then I WILL FINALLY HAVE A STUDY OF MY OWN! With a door that leads directly out into the backyard. I’ll be able to leave my sewing machine out and I’ll finally get to finish the quilt I started last year at the retreat. I can clear out all the piles of papers from my room and have actual space in my walk-in-robe once I get all of the craft supplies out from the shelves. I’m so excited.
  • I’ve been adding fertiliser and compost juice to the crappy soil in the wicking beds and this, as well as the warmer weather, seems to be taking effect. Leaves are turning green and plants are starting to actually grow. Maybe I’ll have some things to harvest in the summer holidays, after all.
  • I joined twitter a couple of months ago, @frogdancer3  I didn’t think I’d like it but I’ve really warmed up to the whole thing.
  • The kids are finishing in about 5 minutes, so I’ll press ‘publish’ on this and go and start collecting their papers. Thanks for listening!




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3 Responses to Random musings as kids write.

  1. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation. Might buy it to gift for Christmas.

  2. Urspo says:

    I would imagine reading essays terribly tedious indeed

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