More random musings as kids write. Or do grammar. Or read.

  • A couple of days ago I went to the auction of one of the townhouses that were built on my old property. It was a real ‘Sliding Doors’ moment. I was able to see if I’d made the right decision to sell the block with fully approved plans instead of going ahead with the build. Turns out I did. The auction had only one bid – a vendor bid of 1.525 Million, so it was passed in without selling. As I drove away I was so thankful that I’d sold when I did. Imagine the stress if I’d had to pay another 15 months of bridging finance at 3K/month, only to fail to sell at the last minute? Fortunate Frogdancer strikes again! Here’s the link to the post I wrote about it on the other blog, complete with photos of the townhouse. The builders did a really good job and I’m sure it’ll sell soon. I’m just not sure that they’ll get the price they clearly want for it.
  • I’ve let my year 8’s listen to music as they do their grammar. It’s amazing how quieter they are with headphones stuffed into their ears.
  • I received a text from the landscaper yesterday as I was having lunch at a wnery on the Mornington Peninsula. He’s starting work back at the house today, paving with reclaimed bricks around each side of the house, digging drainage underneath so that there’ll be no flooding problems later on. The garden beds in the back that are not wicking beds will have a watering system attached. This will mean that the rest of the money that I saved from the sale of the house will be finished, so the roof over the lower level in the backyard will have to wait until I can cash-flow it.
  • To add to the expenses, the new next-door neighbours want to put in a new side fence. After I heard about their Staffy that hates small dogs, I wanted a sturdy fence put in, too! It’s going to be the tallest we can have, running the entire length of the property. $1,200. The thing that I like about having both jobs done at the same time is that the landscaper will pave directly up to the new fence, meaning that no one will be able to dig in or out. My dogs wouldn’t stand a chance against a staffy.
  • Every now and then I look up from my keyboard and I see a kid grooving to the funky beat in total silence. It’s pretty funny.
  • Two minutes till the bell. Better get ready for the next lesson in the double period – Letters to the Editor.

2 thoughts on “More random musings as kids write. Or do grammar. Or read.

  1. Even in 1960s, my school wasn’t big on grammar, so it is good to know it is being taught. Nevermind that I see little evidence of that, except at the very top private schools. Year eight would be………Form 2. Digital natives and it is interesting that they can focus on school work while listening to music. I am not sure that I could.

    We once took a Staffy from the Gracie Street Lost Dogs Home, and within two days we had to tearily return her. She was lovely as a people dog, but so terribly jealous of our other dog and the cats and short of really seriously strong fences, she could not be contained.

    You left some potential profit for someone else to make with your home sale. Never mind that they haven’t……..yet.

    • Blogless Sandy just let me know that the townhouse is now on the market for 1.595M. I would have been up to 100K in bridging finance costs by now, along with all the stress of the build. I’m pretty happy I went the way I did. ________________________________

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