Boring comes before fun. Sad but true.

Proof that my son can use an Allen key! I asked him to send a photo when he put the bed together. πŸ™‚

Work at The Best House in Melbourne has ramped up a notch. The wicking garden beds are trying their best to produce crops, but the soil is so poor that most of the plants are turning yellow, or they’re desperately producing fruit – capsicums, chillies and tomatoes are the main culprits – trying to reproduce before they die.

I’m still bringing home compost materials every workday from school and last weekend I had my first compost bin’s worth of compost ready to spread onto the garden. It was a gardening nerd’s dream! I spread out the compost over a couple of sections that weren’t being used yet, dug them in and covered them with mulch. They’ll percolate away over summer and by next autumn, the soil in those sections should be SO much better.

So I had to decide whether to make my next project a fun one – (ie: build the roof over the lower backyard and thus have my outdoor room) or to finish off the boring part of the paving – (ie: the pebbly sections along each side of the house that weeds grow through.)

Then I had a chat with my new neighbour.

He and his wife have had a nightmare experience with building a house. It was supposed to take a year, but it was 3 years before they were able to move in. They’re taking the builders to court because there are so many issues. The poor things have 4 kids under 4 – they went for baby number 3 and ended up with twins.

They also have 2 staffies who hate small dogs. As you all know, you can’t get much smaller than Scout. She’s about 4 inches tall. Poppy and Jeff have just had a massive amount of tooth extractions, so they’d be useless at defending anybody if it came to a fight. The crumbling, 40-year-old side fence was clearly not up to the task of keeping these animals apart.

Fortunately, we’re all on the same page. I said that I didn’t want to find his dogs coming through the doggie door after my pets, and Dave-Next-Door said, “Yeah. And I don’t want to have my dogs put down.” So this fence will look a bit like Fort Knox.

My landscaper said that it’d be easier to do the side paving once the fence was up, so my decision was made for me. The boring yet practical jobs had to come before the fun one.

This more than brings the money I saved from selling the house to an end, so any further jobs will be cash-flowed from my wage. At least that gives me a reason to go to work with a spring in my step, if I’m working towards projects. πŸ™‚

The paving has started and should be finished by the end of this week. I also got him to install a watering system for the non-wicking beds. He did that in a day, which amazed me until he said that when he installed the paving in the yard he ran a pipe underneath for the watering and another in case I ever wanted to install outdoor lighting.

The fence is a work in progress. It’s nearly finished, so maybe by the weekend everything will be done and I can let the dogs out without having them race over to next door’s place to play with their kids.

Only two weeks to go until the school year is finished. My reports and marking are done, so it’s a smooth ride down to the end of the year.

Can’t WAIT for the holidays!


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2 Responses to Boring comes before fun. Sad but true.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Sounds like you have nitrogen problem with the yellowing. It takes a while to build up good soil so don’t worry; it will happen eventually. If you can’t get enough compost yet, try digging in some dynamic lifter and blood and bone. I usually add these when I take out a crop in a wicking box and before I put the next crop in, because I never have enough chook poo compost, which I just use to top up each box. There might be a pH problem too, I remember when you had that at Bentleigh with the crappy soil you got in and had replaced. The new fence looks great….a trellis for climbing beans and a maybe passionfruit springs to mind.

    All the best for Christmas.

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