Probably the most educational part of my classes.

Today I spent a happy couple of hours trawling the internet looking for fresh Dad jokes for my classes. About 6 months ago I had the brilliant idea of putting a Dad joke up on the board at the beginning of every lesson.

The kids were bewildered at first, but it didn’t take them long to get into it and really look forward to them. If I ever forget to write one up, they’ll ask where the Dad joke is. It’s a bit of fun.

It’s also a good teaching tool. Sometimes these jokes rely on twisting old sayings around, or changing the spelling of a word, or playing with a well-known fact. If some kids don’t get the joke of the day, their friends (or myself) will explain it to them. Teaches them a few bits and bobs that up until now had escaped them.

I needed a couple of hundred new ones for my new classes. I decided this was clearly the best use of my professional time that was earmarked as preparation time for next year.

Here are 10 of the best jokes I found today.

  1. Someone keeps sending me flowers with the heads cut off. I think I’ve got a stalker.
  2. What do you call a priest who sleepwalks? A roaming Catholic.
  3. Why did the hipster burn his mouth drinking coffee? Because he drank it before it was cool.
  4. I was asked to help design the first Monopoly board. I thought, ‘I’ll give it a go…’
  5. You gotta hand it to short people. Because we can’t reach it on our own.
  6. What do you call a herd of sheep tumbling down a hill? A lambslide.
  7. A bloke told me that he was going to attack me with the neck of a guitar. I said, “Is that a fret?”
  8. I just got hit by a rental car. It Hertz.
  9. What do you call a nervous javelin thrower? Shakespeare.
  10. I hate spelling errors. You mix up two letters and your whole sentence is urined.

I have many more – I needed to find 200. It was a lovely way to spend the third-last day of the school year. Only 2 days to go!!!

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4 Responses to Probably the most educational part of my classes.

  1. foodnstuff says:

    Why are they called Dad jokes?

  2. Andrew says:

    I laughed at 4 and 10.

  3. Urspo says:

    Oh the pain. If you were my teacher I would report you to the PTA as cruel to animals.

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