Skinflint Sunday: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Part of my new year is that I want to be a bit more accountable for various things around the place this year. I’ve blogged about my “No Spend Days” chart which works really well for tracking my spending and making any spending I do a lot more intentional. I thought I’d try expanding this idea and seeing if I’ll be motivated to Get More Things Done throughout the week.

I decided to colour green when I hit the mark for every day of the week. A yellow if I only miss one day. I decided to have the yellow after I realised that it might be a bit de-motivating if something unexpected happened, (like yesterday, a friend dropped in so the dogs missed their walk and I didn’t write), so I can at least jump back on the horse and have a chance of colouring a square in at the end of the week.

Though… it’s hard enough during the holidays. Lord knows how I’ll go once I’m back at work!

It’ll be interesting to see how many green squares I get as time goes on.

3 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

  1. I put all my finances on 2 simple spreadsheets. One for personal spending, one for household. I allow $100 per week for personal spending (petrol, garden, books, computer, haircuts, clothes, etc) but bills just have to be paid, so there’s no allowance for that, but each household expense has a separate column so I’m able to see what each one costs…per year, per week and per day. Food allowance, $50, goes into a separate purse and I take that only to the supermarket, once a week (it’s getting harder to stay within THAT one, except in summer when there’s a lot coming in from the garden). Spreadsheets make it easy… can do standard calculations, make a column for each regular expense (petrol, books, garden, etc) and the columns are summed automatically and compared with what’s allowed for that category.
    Agreed: you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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