Some links you may be interested in. (Or not – who am I to judge??)

This garden may be pretty awful, but at least we’re getting heaps of beans and zucchini. I have 35 bags of chopped zucchini in the freezer at last count, with 8 monster zuccs still on the vine. It makes me hopeful for the future when I’ve nourished the soil and plants have a sporting chance of producing.

The weekend is over and a full work week commences. *sigh*

I’ve been blogging on the other blog and there are a few posts that long-term readers might be interested in.  I have no idea if there’s any crossover between the two blogs and it seemed almost rude that I’d write about these things somewhere else and not include you guys.  So here they are. Grab a cuppa…

Remember when we would drive to the bakery for free bread when the kids were little? Saved us thousands of dollars over the years. Here’s something that happened a couple of weeks ago that made me come full circle.

Here’s one for those who want to see how the backyard veggie garden looks. It’s a fun piece comparing the path to financial independence with gardening, but if you don’t give a tinker’s cuss about that, just look at the photos. 🙂

Here’s the honest-to-God Secret to Happiness.  I’ve learned this week that it’s now called ‘mindfulness’, but I call it ‘noticing the little things.’

For those of you who’ve been following the boys as they grow up, we had some news about David25’s girlfriend.

It’s not all bad news!  Evan22 has been living and studying away from home in the country. Here’s an account of how he’s going.

When I went nuts and spent $1500 on clothes. I won’t lie – so much fun.

And this is the post I was scrolling back to find – The Scariest Financial Decision of All. This is a post I’m really proud of and I hope it helps people who are wrestling with the same decision I did – do I leave my marriage or not? I made my decision 21 years ago, but some moments in life stay as vivid as the day they happened.

Anyway, I thought I’d post these links here because these posts might be of interest to my Dancing With Frogs readers. They have to do with my life and they deal with things that I’ve written about previously,  so I thought I’d bring those who are interested up to speed.

Back to regular programming next week!


4 thoughts on “Some links you may be interested in. (Or not – who am I to judge??)

  1. Someone did tell me you were a good read. I have just read your links and there is something I don’t understand. Why did you get married to someone who turned out to be a prick? Obviously there was something about him that attracted you. You have my full admiration for your bravery way back then. It is not surprising that your sons love their mummy,.

    • Oh how you made me laugh!!
      A had a good sense of humour ( always my cryptonite!) and a very awful story about his upbringing. Which was true, I hasten to add. I came from an ordinary suburban, very stable and boring upbringing, so his history wrung my heart. I wanted to show him that life could be better.
      I didn’t have access to the research that says that people with vastly different levels of pain in their pasts are basically pushing shit uphill trying to make a relationship work. If I’d known that… who knows?

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