Skinflint Sunday: how the day slipped away.

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged here about the new chart I’m doing to try and instil some more productive habits, but a month-and-a-bit in, it’s working like a charm. I had the whole Sunday ahead of me, free of commitments, glittering with possibilities. I made sure to read from this book to tick off one of the squares for today. I’ve only just started it but it seems like a good read.

Then I had to make sure that my iPad was fully charged for the commuting week ahead. If I have to spend 2 hours of my life travelling, I want there to be something interesting coming through my ears.

I just counted. I subscribe to 34 podcasts at the moment. They’re a mix of Financial Independence, stories, comedy, real-life stories and true crime. Isn’t it wonderful that we are so spoiled for choice for absolutely no money out of pocket?

I had over a week’s worth of tea leaves, coffee grounds and eggshells to pulverise and put in the veggie garden. The green leaves you can see are lemon verbena leaves. Bev from foodnstuff gave me a few plants years ago and I found some leaves that I dried 3 years ago, back when we were still in the old place.

They still work. Lemon verbena and mint leaves make a lovely herbal tea. I’ve still got the foodnstuff plants, but I want to use the dried leaves that Past Frogdancer put away.

Garden time. I didn’t have to water because it poured with rain yesterday, but I picked this zucchini for Izzy’s mum. David25 is going to Izzy’s today so I thought it’d be nice for him to give her something.

Nothing says, “Thanks for having me for lunch” more than a vaguely heart-shaped trombocchino zucchini.

It’s getting to the stage when I’m starting to save seeds. These dried beans are Lazy Housewife beans for next year. The peas are dried peas from the plants I grew from a packet of whole dried peas I bought in the supermarket. Most of them went into pea soup, but some were planted and we ate fresh peas.

Snow pea seeds are in the back bowl, along with some heirloom bean seeds that Blogless Sandy gave me.

While I was fluffing around taking photos, Scout and Jeff were keeping an eye on me. One of the squares on the chart is “Walk the Dogs.”

I made myself a herbal tea, (you know which sort) and began ripping up the empty wine cask packaging to go in the compost.

Evan23 came into the kitchen, laughed and said, “Which dog do you think is most interested in what you’re doing?”

She has such a distinctive outline.

I was on the phone to Mum when a text arrived from Evan22. He and some uni mates are down in Melbourne for the weekend on their way back to Ballarat from Phillip Island. They hired out an air bnb a couple of suburbs away because they were going to a party on the Saturday night and he and a couple of friends popped in yesterday and spent a few hours here.

“Hi, we’re leaving the air bnb now and heading to (insert my suburb name here) for chips and beach and maybe people will come around to see the dogs if that’s alright.”


“Up to like 13 people.”

So for 3 hours today, I had 13 kids lolling on the front verandah. They were lovely. They wandered around the veggie garden, they played with the dogs and we all just chilled. They were certainly in no hurry to go – I thought they’d come here, pat the dogs, then disappear down to the beach but that didn’t happen.

Evan22 and I came inside at one point and had a long chat about what’s going on in our lives. It was lovely seeing him 2 days in a row.

He left with another zucchini and a bag of assorted groceries that I had doubles of; things like chilli oil, peanut butter, salt, olives and a big bag of spinach.

It’s nearly 6 PM now and I can hear the man next door playing in their front yard with his little kids. He’s rigged up a toddler-sized bike track and they’re riding around on it. Ryan23 has just finished cleaning the kitchen and he’s heading out to put the bins out.

I’ll finally take the dogs for a walk and then I’ll have to do some ironing for work. I have meetings 4 nights this week – ugh!


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3 Responses to Skinflint Sunday: how the day slipped away.

  1. Andrew says:

    People of a certain age and their wine casks…….I know. It was how we consumed in our younger years and once you have your favourite, the future becomes history. How nice for you to be surrounded by young people, but not as young as you are usually surrounded by. Free podcasts. After a week of not working and not commuting, I haven’t listened to any, but I agree, they are great. Unfortunately my brain can’t cope with listening to a podcast while reading.

  2. Urspo says:

    I would like to hear from you about the podcasts; I am always keen on learning about new ones.
    Send me your list – or at least the favorites- sometime why don’t you? I would be most grateful.

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