A life crowded with incident.

Sun over the sea

Well, it’s a Saturday afternoon, I’ve just woken up from a two-and-a-quarter hour nanna nap – (I KNOW!!! CRAZY!) – and I’ve decided that I may as well make the whole day a lazy day, so here I am. There’s a bit that’s been happening that readers of the other blog will know about, but I haven’t caught you guys up yet.

First of all, I’ve decided to go part-time next year. The detailed version is HERE, while the way I’ll be getting paid for an extra day each week is HERE.

It was a difficult decision to make and I wrestled with it for quite a while. Long-time readers will remember how I actively searched for decades to find ways to increase my income, but now I’ll deliberately stepping away from that. Looking back, I think that when I saw Mum’s feet trying to step sideways to get into the car, the decision was made at that moment. 

Mum’s accident happened a couple of weeks ago and she’s getting stronger, though she still needs care around the clock as she can’t really walk by herself. We three kids have been supplying meals for Dad to heat up, but last weekend I thought that maybe they’d like some morning/afternoon tea snacks from me instead.

They were delighted! I was pleased that they still eat baked goods – we don’t eat them much at all anymore in this house – because I’d made a litre of yoghurt that didn’t set so I was looking for ways to use it up. A lemon/yoghurt cake and a few batches of scones used up most of it, while the dogs just had runny yoghurt with their dinner for a few nights, instead of normal yoghurt. Waste not, want not!

Jar of lemon butter

Everyone’s focus is on Mum, of course, but Dad has stepped up to look after her. They’ve always been a couple who has built in time apart from each other to give themselves the freedom to pursue individual interests, so suddenly spending 24/7 together is a new thing for both of them. He used to love it when I made lemon butter for him when I was at home with the kids, but I haven’t made any for years. My neighbour passed a bag of lemons from his tree over to Ryan24, so I thought I’d pop in a blast from the past for him. Have to keep his strength up!

And yes, I think my labeller is running out of ink. Not quite sure what to do about that.

This was the scene of doggy mayhem that I came home to a few weeks ago when the dogs had been left Home Alone for most of the day. This is about as destructive as Cavaliers get! Judging by the dachshund pages on FaceBook, they can get incredibly destructive, but I’m pretty sure Scout thinks she’s a Cavalier, so it’s all ok.

The next day I came home to the toilet roll sitting by the back door. I don’t know what the fascination is with it, but they haven’t done it since. They’ll be rapt when I’m only working part-time; they’re much happier with their people around them.

Going back to the part-time work thing, I think that I’ve also made the right decision for me too. Having these long nanna naps on Saturdays is becoming a not-so-unusual thing and I’m tired a lot of the time. It’s hard getting up when it’s dark and getting home when it’s dark or nearly dark. I’ve never been a person who was overflowing with energy, but in my 50’s it seems to be a little less than it used to be. Having work as the exception in my week, rather than the rule, will be a good thing.

New front door.

Here’s Jeff modelling the latest project – new Crimsafe doors and windows. Written in more detail HERE. I want to get as many projects done to this house as I can before I retire. I like the thought of paying for them with income, not savings, so this was the next job on the list. Old Lady Frogdancer will be able to feel secure in her home after the boys leave.

The next job I really want to get done is to put the big roof over the lower paved area in the backyard to give me an outdoor room. I have no idea what it’ll cost, but I think it’ll probably need council permission because I’m looking at a large area to cover. In two weeks the winter holidays will be here and I’ll get some people in to give me quotes. This, (and the new ensuite I want to get as well), will probably be the priciest of the things that need doing around here. I’ll be glad when I’ve bitten the bullet and completed them.

I’m still slowly putting the garden beds to sleep over winter. The worm farms in the middle of each wicking bed are doing what I hoped they would – the beds are full of worms all the way through, though unfortunately a couple of young pigeons have discovered this as well. I keep finding holes dug through the thick layer of pea straw I’ve put on the top. Bloody birds!

I’m planning a quiet holiday, though in the second week I’m going to see ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.’ It’s only playing in 3 places on the entire globe and one of them is in my city, so it seems wasteful not to see it. I got fantastic tickets – fourth from the front on both sessions. See? Being single has its advantages…

ooo! It’s wine o’clock. Time to pour myself a glass and work out what Ryan24 and I are going to have for dinner. Cheers!


8 thoughts on “A life crowded with incident.

  1. Part time with time for you and family is a great idea. My mother is also needing more assistance with mobility. I’d love to be able to help out but she is interstate. I’ve found I need a day each weekend to rest. Doesn’t leave much time to do all the household chores.

  2. With the outdoor room whether you need council approval depends on two things where we live in NSW – whether you are extending the footprint aka laying concrete, and/or how you are going to do the roof.

    With our delicate nirvana we were very lucky because the concrete had been laid before we arrived here. So as long as we kept the roof lower than the main roof of the house, we did not need to ask for approval. It isn’t completely flat, it has a bit of a angle so the rain will run off.

    Once you’ve got everything exactly how you want it and drop down to part time, I expect this will be a very happy moment for you!

  3. What sort of labeller do you have? I have a Dymo LetraTag and I believe it uses heat for the print. When my labels get all patchy it is because it needs new batteries.

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