These holidays didn’t go AT ALL how I expected.

Two days before they started, my sister rang with the news that Dad had been rushed to hospital with suspected internal bleeding. Mum is unable to be left on her own because she suffers from vertigo and, after having broken her arm a month before, is unable to do even the most basic of tasks without someone there to help.

I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my Mum. Dad came home on Saturday after having a small tear in his bowel fixed up. Thankfully, it looks like he’ll be fine now, but it could so easily have gone another way. He’d been suffering from breathlessness and dizziness for over a year. Doctors kept saying it was asthma and giving him puffers, but it appears that it was lack of blood.

With Dad sudden;y out of the picture, it quickly became obvious how dependent Mum now is. My sister spent the first 24 hours with her and then I moved in at the start of the holidays. Dad was only away for 3 days, but it’s clear that we have to start looking at delightful things like aged care packages, respite and retirement homes and so I’ve begun education myself about how that system works. There’s so much to find out!

So my holidays were a mix of organising things for Mum and Dad and spending quiet days at home sleeping, reading and Netflixing. The new brick pavers that I put in less than a year ago were getting absolutely covered in moss, so I invested in a pressure cleaner. As you can see, it works a treat, thank goodness!

I’m also getting quotes to finally put a verandah rook up over those pavers. So far, I’ve had 3 different tradies out with 3 different designs. I’m hoping to get the job done by Christmas.


The only thing I ticked off on my list of activities to do in the holidays was to go and see ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’. I was sitting 4th from the front so it felt like I was practically on stage with them. I’m glad I went – it’s truly spectacular. They handled the magical elements of that world beautifully. The theatre technologies were amazing – I kept wishing my Theatre kids were with me to see it all.

The plan was to get the veggie garden totally put away for winter, but yeah… that hasn’t quite been done. The birds are still digging through the mulch to eat the worms, so I’ve draped the bird netting on the top of the beds as an interim measure while I organise a more permanent fix. But more of that later…

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3 Responses to Helloooo!!!!

  1. Jamie says:

    I put in a big effort a few weeks ago to get the garden packed up for winter, but still had a some lingering tomatoes under the eaves against the house. A few more did ripen, but I probably should have just pulled them when I did the other beds. They are so straggly and dead now, but I don’t seem to get the chance (motivation) to go out and tidy them up.

    How are your parents going now?

  2. I just came in from looking at the garden beds. I hope that tomorrow is fine, because I’m lacking motivation to finish the work today!!

  3. Urspo says:

    thank you for the updates – the good and the sad.

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