Things I’ve been making.

Green peas in red bowl.

Free food!

We’ve been eating well from the pea straw that I bought in Bunnings and put down on the wicking beds to let them sleep over winter.

We’ve had hundreds of peas pop up. Poppy and Scout love eating the pea pods. Jeff will accept one or two but he eats them only because he’s suffering from FOMO.

I’m so happy about the peas. Apart from potatoes, peas are my favourite vegetable. Most of the pea plants now are at the stage of being ready to be cut down to make way for other plants, but there are still a couple that are going strong.

Home-made soap.

Ready for Christmas!

Last year I made soap for the first time in years. I used a ‘tried and true’ recipe and the bars were a big success. This year, when I logged on to the blog that had the recipe, the author had taken it off-line. I PMed her on Facebook but I haven’t heard back. Time was slipping by… ‘real’ soap needs at least 6 weeks to cure before it’s ready to use.

Then I saw a recipe for soap that uses Lux flakes on this blog. These bars only need around 3 weeks hardening time, so it fits the timeline for work Christmas gifts.

Close-up of the soap.

Very ‘rustic’ with the oats.

They have a perfume from the Lux flakes, but I don’t think people will mind.

Bean seeds saved from last year.

Bean seeds saved from last year.

We grew so many beans last year that I have plenty saved for planting and cooking for this year. I’ve given quite a few packets away to people at work, particularly the women in the Food Tech room and the canteen who save the veggie scraps for me to take for my compost.

Free bean plants for what would normally be thrown out is a pretty good deal, I think!

David26 at his last recital.

David26’s last recital. He’s a Bachelor of Music now!

I’ve included this shot because yes – I did make him!

David26 has finally finished his music degree. He had his final recital last Friday and I chucked a sickie and went to see him. Fortunately, David26’s girlfriend Izzy also came along. I would never have found the recital room without her!

It was definitely a proud Mum moment. As he was playing all of these complicated songs, I kept thinking of that little 4-year-old with big blue eyes who asked me, “Mum, can I learn to play the piano?”

Double choc cookies for Mum and Dad.

Double-choc cookies for Mum and Dad.

Finally, here are some cookies I baked for Mum and Dad. Every week, I try and deliver things they can have for morning and afternoon teas. I swing by on my way to work, usually on a Monday morning, and leave them on the doorstep.

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5 Responses to Things I’ve been making.

  1. Jamie says:

    I think this could possibly be the old soap recipe you used. Let me know if this Archive link doesn’t work for you:

    • OMG… the internet delivers again! This is the exact recipe I was looking for. Now that my Christmas soap is made, I’ll be using this to cook up soap in the summer holidays for us to use during the year. Thank you so much, Jamie!!

      On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 12:20 PM Dancing With Frogs wrote:


  2. Andrew says:

    That’s so sweet about your son. Take a bow Mum!

  3. Lucinda Sans says:

    I love the thought of mulch providing free food. There’s nothing like freshly picked peas.

  4. Urspo says:

    I liked the soap the most.

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