Skinflint Sunday: Grown-up Kids are great!

Here’s what Evan24 sent me for my birthday. HOW I laughed when I opened it! If you’ve never heard this podcast, you’re missing out. It’s hilarious. I started listening to it soon after it first came out, then Evan 24 (who would have been Evan20 or 21 back then) asked me why I was laughing so much one day. I pulled off my headphones and told him what I was listening to. He pulled up the first episode, started listening and it’s been our ‘thing’ ever since.

When a new ep is released, one or the other of us will text the other with, “A new one’s out!!” or “What did you think?” Monday, when a season is being released, is ‘porno day.” When you say that in the staff room while downloading a new episode so you can listen to it while driving home, it can earn you some strange looks.

The premise of the poddie is that “Rocky Flintstone”, Jamie Morton’s Dad, handed him a manuscript of a pornographic novel he’d written one day and asked him for feedback. The writing, the knowledge of female anatomy and the overall situations were so spectacularly bad that Jamie and his friends turned it into the podcast.

Jamie reads a chapter a week. His friends, like us, are hearing it for the first time so we hear their reactions as Jamie reads. When I first started listening, I was taking the rain to work and sometimes I’d be giggling so much that I’d have to fixedly stare out of the window because people were glancing at me.

I guess it’s a perk of having grown-up children. There’s no way I would have steered any of them onto this when they were kids!

If you’re curious, you really have to start at the beginning. Each season is another in the series of books, so you have to start from the first chapter – ‘The Job Interview.’ The first 4 books were written before the podcast came out, where Rocky had no idea how deliciously awful his writing was.

Just be warned, it’s definitely not safe for work.

Evan24 had a parcel posted to my place. When I texted him asking about it, he replied with, “Oooo, it might just be your birthday present!!!” When I called him, laughing, after I’d opened it, he said, “I thought it’d be something that you’d like but you wouldn’t buy for yourself.”

That’s another perk of having grown-up kids. They’re VERY good at buying presents for me now. David26 bought me a ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ coffee mug. Makes me smile every morning.

3 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: Grown-up Kids are great!

  1. Being a podcast nut, I’ve heard of this one a lot but haven’t heard it.
    I figured it’s been so long going that it would be difficult to just ‘jump in’ and appreciate it.

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