Skinflint Sunday: little tasks and The Next Big Goal.

Well, the verdict is in on the coir pellets. They’re useless. I think only 4 tomato seeds sprouted, so needless to say I won’t be buying them again.

The coir pellets are a bust. Only 4 plants have sprouted, so I won’t be buying them again.

However, another tomato experiment that I don’t think I wrote about has succeeded brilliantly. When I was clearing the wicking beds at the beginning of winter, I noticed that two baby tomato plants had sprouted. I decided to see if they’d survive the winter, so I mounded pea straw all around them and left them to it.

WOW. They are huge now and are already sprouting tomatoes. Unreal. I still have 4 bags of chopped-up tomatoes left in the freezer, so the tomato glut of 2019/2020 has seen us through the whole year. Who says food gardens aren’t worth it?

Though it’s not all fun and games. This is the second year I’ve had the asparagus patch and only 5 plants have come up. (I planted more than twice that.) I don’t know whether to just leave them and hope that, over time, they’ll multiply, or buy more crowns and dig up everything and start again.

On Thursday I planted out 20 Lazy Housewife beans that I harvested last year and around 15 seedlings that I grew from seeds. The garden is starting to come back to life!

In the interests of getting things done around here before I retire, I hired a nice man to put in a brick path to the letterbox and install a curved garden bed against the front fence. Now all I need is to get the side fence replaced and then the bones of the front yard will be complete.

I’m hosting Christmas here again this year – how great that our covid case numbers have been at zero for the last two weeks so Christmas will be a normal one! – so I’m thinking I’ll just buy some cosmos and shove them in. The dark colour of the fence will make the flowers stand out and they’ll look pretty when people come through the gate. I’ll work out a more permanent planting layer, but it’ll have flowers to bring the pollinators to the orchard.

I’ve also been making soap for Christmas presents. I bought some cornflower and calendula petals so they’ll look noice and fancy. Thanks again to the people who helped me last year when the recipe I loved was removed from the internet. You guys are great!

I wanted to make 3 batches, which will be enough for work friends and family, but the third batch seized. I’ve only ever had this happen once before and I saved it by melting it in the crockpot and basically cooking it again.

I tried it this time but it went a weird brown colour, so I philosophically cut it into chunks, thinking that I’ll just use them up here. I made a fourth batch yesterday, which I haven’t unwrapped yet, but when I went into the sewing room I saw that the weird brown colour has morphed into a delicious caramel colour. It’s a Christmas miracle!

I’ve only got 5 weeks to go until I retire, so the release of this new book was very timely. I finished it yesterday and it’s very informative. I won’t lie – it has a lot of numerals in it (ugh) but it sets out everything you need to know about investing long term, Centrelink, pensions, health, wealth and happiness. It’s available from his website if you’re interested.

OMG!!! I just checked and I haven’t updated you on my Next Big Goal. I wrote about it on the other blog HERE.

I’m very excited about it.

2 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: little tasks and The Next Big Goal.

  1. It’s lovely to hear from you. I’m so glad to hear things have improved in Melbourne Covid-wise.

    Our peas finished up today. We picked the last of them, saved some seeds for next year, and pulled up all the plants. I’m wondering if it isn’t too late to plant some beans in that raised bed. We are a bit cramped for space in the garden and so have a lot of things just in medium-sized plastic pots along the side of the house. I’m thinking I will keep my eye out for another raised bed at Bunnings tomorrow.

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