Skinflint Sunday: Use ALL the walks!

I know over the last 5 years that I’ve shared lots of beach shots with you, but there’s another walk literally at the end of my street that I’ve been ignoring. It’s the walk along the river.

A week ago I put down the deposit on a trip to Antarctica run by the same people who ran the tour to North Korea that I went on in 2018. Originally, my friend Latestarterfire and I were planning to go to Antarctica via New Zealand, but the trip was an eye-watering 30K, excluding airfares. It would also take a month to get there and back.

This trip leaves from Ushuaia in Argentina and costs just under 10K for a twin-share room and it only takes a couple of weeks. Even with airfares tacked on (plus a side-trip to Easter Island if we’re lucky) it’ll be MUCH more affordable.

It leaves in December this year. What could possibly go wrong?

So Operation Get Fit has swung into gear.

I’ve never been one who seeks out exercise for its own sake. For me, a walk for the “fun” of it just isn’t a thing. I have to be walking TO somewhere, or taking the dogs out or, in this case, walking TO the library to return some books while walking the dogs to get fit(ter) for my trip to Antarctica.

All of this is very motivating. I’ll be clambering in and out of inflatable boats to walk to penguin and seal colonies on the ice. I don’t want to be floundering helplessly in the bottom of the boat, unable to get in or out. I don’t want to be THAT person – you know, the PIA that everyone sees coming and starts sending up prayers… “Please don’t let her get on this boat…”

There are two sides to the river walk – not surprising really as rivers tend to have two banks. So far I’ve only done the circuit around the two bridges once. It took 10K steps which was great, but I had to carry Scout for about 20 minutes which was not! Her little legs sometimes need to have a rest.

The other side of the river is so pretty. People have planted gardens between their property boundaries and the path and it’s beautiful. Our side is ok, but far less imaginative. I forgot to take my phone when I walked there, but I promise to share some pics when we go there again.

However, we DO have the posh houses and townhouses who, in lieu of a backyard, have their own private jetties where they park their boats. There are lots of little canals where people can gently putt-putt in their boats to get to the river, then the bay to do a spot of fishing. Noice.

I’ve almost completely ignored the river walk for ages, but Scout isn’t enjoying the beach walks if there are a lot of other dogs there. She refuses to walk if there is a big dog nearby and it’s been making the beach walks short and annoying. However, she’ll walk a lot better on a lead, only stopping if she needs a little rest. So until the Easter break is over, we’re sticking to the river. The restrictions for off-leash walking on the beach have ceased until November, so now we can go down anytime and hopefully have the beach pretty much to ourselves.

At the moment we’re still experimenting with different walks and different streets. There’s so many ways to access the river, so we’re taking different pathways and exploring the neighbourhood.

This has been an unexpected benefit of retirement. When I was working, I would never have ‘wasted’ an hour and a half each morning on going for a walk!! What a huge chunk out of my day! Ridiculous.

But now? I have all the time in the world, so off we go.

If you look into the distance, you’ll see a bridge crossing the river. That’s where it meets the sea. Or, as we like to call it, our Backyard Beach.

It’s a pretty nice spot that we’ve ended up in. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: Use ALL the walks!

  1. How exciting – and it makes sense to go in December, although my first thought was why go in the dead of winter? then I connected the dots.
    How lovely – to live by a river.

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