The BEE Positive Quilt.

Before I went away on my little holiday, I finished a quilt for Patricia, the principal at my school. When she was introducing me for my farewell speech last year, she mentioned that I made her daughter ” the most beautiful quilt, and I think I need one too!”

She was only joking but I thought, “She probably DOES deserve a quilt. She kept giving me contract after contract in the early days – it saved our bacon.” I’ve been to her place so I knew she likes greens, so I raided the stash and off I went.

This is such a simple design, but I’ve always wanted to try it. The squares were 6.5 inches so it came together pretty quickly. The only fabric I bought was the backing fabric.

I’m on a quest to use up the fabric I already have.

Why is it called BEE Positive?

I used a strip of the grey fabric that Evan24 chose for the backing on his quilt.

As you can see, it has bees on it. When I gave it to her I said, “Whenever the kids, the parents or – god forbid – the teachers start to annoy you, think of this quilt!”

I popped into work last week to give it to her and she loved it.

It’s funny going into work. It’s lovely to see everyone… well; most people… LOL. Faces light up as I come through the door and we chat away, but I don’t miss it at all. I treasure the way that I have total control over my time.

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