Skinflint Sunday: Souvenirs don’t have to cost anything.

I’m sitting out on the front verandah writing this, surrounded by the precious souvenirs I brought back from my teeny little getaway up the the High Country. My timeshare had a few points that were due to expire at the end of June, so I thought I’d take a couple of nights and use them up. I decided not to cross any borders this time and not to wait too long, because my spidey senses were starting to tingle again about Covid.

How right I was! Two days after I got back, we were in our 4th lockdown.

But what’s in the bags???


A few weeks ago I went to visit a friend in Malvern and there were huge leaves all over the place on every street. I wished I’d thought to bring some garbage bags, so when I got home I threw a roll of them in the car. I hadn’t seen any leaves at all since then. That it, until I turned into the driveway of the timeshare in Merrijig and leaves were strewn all over the place. I stopped the car and started to work.

I’m so happy! Obviously, I don’t get the food scraps and coffee grounds from work any more – about the only thing I regret about early retirement – so this makes me feel so much better. I’ve already stuffed the compost tumblers with leaves and I have 5 bags left to put on the wicking beds when I make myself stop reading books and start doing some proper work out there.

Gardening can be so rewarding. When I was back at the old house I had this lemon tree in a pot. In 5 years, it only ever gave me 1 lemon. It was great – not too many pips. Now that it’s in the actual ground in my front yard orchard, it’s very appreciative.

In other news, I had a very expensive day at the vet. Poppy and Jeffrey both had to have teeth out, while Jeff needed an x-ray for a suspected enlarged heart… (he clearly loves me too much) and an ultrasound and bloodwork for some gall stones and sludge that they found while doing the heart xray.


He’s now on heart medication for the rest of his life. The trouble is, it has to be given to him twice a day, 30 minutes before meals.

These dogs are used to getting fed first thing in the morning, as soon as I’ve put the coffee grounds in the Aeropress.

This is them the first morning:

I’ve given him his pill, poured the water into the Aeropress and then walked towards the front door and told them to come outside.

They’re trying to tell me that I’ve forgotten something VERY IMPORTANT.

Same thing the next morning. Poppy isn’t even appearing – she’s waiting around the corner.

I wonder how long it’ll take them to realise that the routine has changed forever? Scout even ran up to Ryan26’s room to wake him up to try and get him to come down and feed them.

She’s a clever little thing.

6 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: Souvenirs don’t have to cost anything.

  1. So glad you got your holiday in. I am sulking because I had to postpone my girls’ weekend to Hepburn this weekend, but snuck the extra 2kms to the beach for a run today (along with a lot of other locals!). We are so far from any cases here…
    And ouch on the vet bills. We just spent over $2k for a total of 18 teeth removed from our 2 dogs (apparently greyhounds have notoriously bad teeth). We have started brushing their teeth religiously every night!

    • Not really. People are getting used to it. The only thing that people are annoyed about is the pathetic way our vaccine rollout has been handled. More of the population should have had their first/final doses by now.
      Australians, in general, aren’t as “ME” focussed as some sections of the US population. We tend to follow the science more.

  2. One of my dogs is on heart medication. I make him wait ONE HOUR before he gets his food….that’s what my vet told me. Talking to a work mate….her dog is on the same medication….she wasn’t told it had to be on an empty stomach and she was throwing the medication in with the bowl of food. I’m beginning to think it’s a bit Rafferty’s Rules…..

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