Cathy’s quilt.

You know how when you’re hosting a dinner party, you have a bit too much to drink and you promise to make a quilt for a couple of friends?

I know, it’s happened to us all.

This is the first of them. A quilt for my friend Cathy. We met in form 4 at high school, around 40 years ago. Of course, this is a deep shock to both of us. Neither of us feel we’re anywhere near old enough to have known someone for that long!

I used the following video to make this quilt:

When I was away in South Australia I was driving out of Victor Harbour and saw a quilt shop. Both Cathy and Ian had said that they preferred blues, so I bought 3 charm square packs and a piece of cat fabric. Cathy loves her cat.

What I didn’t pick up on was that the charm pack called ‘Blue’, which I bought two of, had HEAPS of the beige-y squares in it. *sigh*

So I used most of them in Cathy’s quilt, looking to have a graduation of colour intensity moving down the quilt, with the cat squares reaching up.

This pattern is quick and easy to put together, though when laying out all the blocks it’s wise to keep the sequence “7 … L… 7 … L…” in your head. This makes sure that you get the ‘falling’ effect in the quilt.

Quilt measurements are 51″ X 63″.

The backing fabric is from a doona cover I picked up in Savers when I was shopping for a party costume a few months ago. Sometimes you just don’t feel like piecing together a backing for a quilt, so sheets and doona covers make life easier. They’re already wide enough.

When I took the quilt out of the dryer after washing it, the backing was so very soft. This will be a lovely, comforting quilt to snuggle under, with or without the cat.

Home-made binding, like all my quilts. I’ve had this fabric for ever and I’m reaching the end of it. I think I first used it as the borders on my Basketweave Strings quilt back in 2009.

I’ve finished the other quilt for Ian and I just need to sit down for another 6 hours or so and hand sew the back of the binding to it.

I have a Quilt As You Go quilt still to assemble and then I think my WIPs are done. To my shame, I’ve had those QAYG blocks sitting with me since 2011. I couldn’t work out how to put them together effectively, but I think I’ve found a way.

THEN I can start making all of the quilts that I have had my eyes on for the last couple of weeks. I’ve ordered lots of scrap bundles and solids, so I want to clear the decks before they all arrive.

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