The vintage-look baby quilt for Tom29.

Yes, this quilt nearly broke me. As I said yesterday to Ryan26, “If this was the first quilt I’d tried to make, I would’ve thought quilting was all too hard and I would’ve given it all up. As it is… I KNOW I can do it and I WILL!”

I’m going to do a Scarlett O’Hara and say – “As God is my witness, I’ll never unpick a quilt again.”

The pattern itself is terrific and I’d happily make another.

The backing is the rest of the doona cover that I bought in an op shop to use for this very purpose – there are squares of the roses on the front – along with a strip of very sweet ‘girly’ fabric I’ve had sitting around here for years, along with a pale pink that I bought a while ago, thinking it’d come in useful.

The binding is a mix of the darkest pink fabric on the front, plus a couple of remnants of the binding I made for a quilt way back in 2010. All of these scraps eventually come in handy!

The white stars stand out now. The horseshoes are all pointing upwards for luck and – now that it’s finally finished – all’s right with the world!

The boys and their girlfriends are coming over to an ‘after lockdown’ dinner tomorrow night, so I’ll give it to Tom29 to give to the expectant parents. I hope they like it.

2 thoughts on “The vintage-look baby quilt for Tom29.

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