The quilt that Ryan26 designed.

A month ago I told you all that Ryan26 was designing a quilt pattern. I want to make a quilt for David28 and after he picked out a design from Pinterest, Ryan26 tweaked the design. Being a bit bored with lockdowns and with no further study to do, he wrote up the entire pattern with 4 different sizes. He’s thinking about maybe starting an Etsy shop with quilting patterns for guys.

I made this baby quilt to test the pattern.

It’s a fun one to make, with the squares intertwining. I pulled fabric from my stash to make it, so it was a real lockdown project. It measures 32″ square, which is a nice size for a play mat or a pram blankie.

I decided that this would look better with the binding being the same colour as the red backing fabric, though of course if you wanted to do a different colour it’d frame the whole design. I hand sewed the binding – I had a few podcasts to catch up on and it was a drizzly morning.

The backing is from a flannelette sheet that I’ve had sitting in my stash for over a decade. It’s warm and snuggly for a little baby. The first few quilts I made were all backed with flannelette

Now that I’ve determined that the pattern works, we chose the colours for David28’s queen-sized quilt. I ordered the fabric yesterday. This next one will be in solid colours

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