Mum and Dad’s Christmas Quilt.

This Christmas I made 4 quilts as gifts.

Mum and Dad’s quilt was a replacement for The Inverloch Quilt that I made for them 10 years ago. It suffered some water damage so they needed a new quilt for their bed.

This one was fun to piece. I went through the stash a couple of months ago and sorted it into colours, so each day I’d go to a drawer, grab the colour and start piecing. Some of the pieces are largeish, but a lot are as tiny as half an inch wide. It got to be a quest of ‘no scrap left behind!’

From memory, each square is 12.5″ and the quilt is a double bed size. I used golf ball fabric from the 4th quilt I ever made to make it slightly more ‘manly’ for Dad.

Even though I’ve made 44 quilts so far, this is the first one I’ve made en pointe.

The whole quilt is a pandemic/lockdown quilt, made entirely from stash. I make all my own bindings and I save every scrap not used. This certainly came in handy with this quilt! I’ve used nearly every scrap of saved binding – some going back YEARS – and I didn’t have to make any more. There’s something incredibly satisfying about using up something inherently useless and turning it into something useful and beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Mum and Dad’s Christmas Quilt.

  1. This is my favourite one of all your quilts – apart from the one you made for me of course!! Love the rainbow colours and can even spot some of the red and white polka dot fabric from my quilt there.

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