Skinflint Sunday: A peaceful day planned.


The dogs let me sleep in till 8 AM this morning! Now that I’m doing CRT work, I absolutely love it when I can get up after the sun rises. It’s one of life’s luxuries.

Yesterday I spent a very girly afternoon with Izzy, her sister and her Mum going wedding dress shopping. Apart from shopping for my own, many many years ago, I’ve never done it before. There’s a warehouse/shopping outlet near their place in Rowville, so off we went to have a look.

I’ve never seen so much beading and lace in one place in my life!

She didn’t find THE dress. On the way back we stopped off for coffee and cake and had a good old natter. I feel like I know Izzy’s sister much better now, which is a very good thing.

A little while later, Jeff joined her.

Today I’m going to make another couple of batches of bread rolls, take the little woofs for a walk, piece together a little more of my quilt, do some reading and maybe even get out into the garden and do some much-needed work.

Sounds like a nice day, just for me.

I’ve got a chicken carcass bubbling away on the stove that’ll end up being the base for a chicken and vegetable soup for lunch. I set that going as soon as I got up, in case I forgot about it later. Waste not, want not!

Ryan27 and Tom30 are both recovering from the flu (Ryan) and a cold (Tom.) I’ve been making them wear a mask whenever they’re with me, so hopefully I’ll dodge their bugs. I’m vaxxed for the flu and triple vaxxed for covid, but anyway, we’ll wait and see.

It looks like today is going to be a perfect autumn day. Hope everyone has a good one!

Dad joke of the day:

Did you hear about the cheese factory in France that exploded?

There was nothing left but de Brie. 

3 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: A peaceful day planned.

  1. I went to get my fourth vaccination but was told I had to be sixty five. And before sixty five you have to pay for your ‘flu shot, as I guess you know.

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