Manly Beach Day 4: Chill and chat.

I think I found the right time to swish back the curtains in the morning!

This was the dawn of the last full day I had in Sydney. True to form for this holiday, I hadn’t planned a thing. Initially, I thought I’d use today to go into Sydney via the ferry, but I did that on Monday. I was in a lazy mood, so after breakfast I curled up with a book.

A little while later my phone pinged. It was Fifi. She said that she’s coming down to Manly to swim and wondered if I’d be up for grabbing lunch up at the Quarantine Station.

Excellent! That’s my day sorted!

I read my book on the balcony, snapping this shot of where Fifi was swimming. There’s no filter on this – these are the colours. Fifi lives on another beach but she said that all she can see there when she swims is sand. Manly is a wildlife reserve, so here, she swims among fish. She mentioned the “sweetest” Grey Nurse shark, but I guess that it’s all in the eye of the beholder…

Look at this view.

Trust a local to know where all the good spots are.

I imagine the harbour must make getting around Sydney a bit challenging at times, but there’s no denying that it’s very beautiful.

We lingered over lunch, talking for hours. Before we jumped back into the car, we took a short walk to a lookout, but the air was getting cold and Fifi didn’t have a jumper.

She dropped me off at the hotel as it was getting dark and after I loaded up the car with a few items, I curled back up with my book and a cuppa tea. I finished the book – my 3rd for this trip – and turned out the light to prepare for an early start.

I forgot to show you how far I’ve come with the quilt. I’m almost certainly way behind on where I should be with the quilt-a-long, but I’m still making progress.

Anyway, Thursday I drove home with only one stop, where I bought the most expensive tank of petrol I’ve ever bought. It cost $119 to fill the tank. Yikes!

Anyway, I drove into the driveway a little before 5 and the dogs were hysterical.

Ryan27 and Tom30 were also pleased to see me, though not as much!

My next trip is in a month, when I take Izzy, Jenna and my nieces away for a girls weekend. đŸ™‚

Dad joke of the day:

3 thoughts on “Manly Beach Day 4: Chill and chat.

  1. You’re absolutely right – meeting up with bloggers is the best – you’re friends before you meet. Pity that so many people no longer blog, sniff. How lovely to see Fifi – she came here for a meal once. She’s amazing.

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