I’m a genius!

There’s a little trick I’ve started using with classes that are a bit too chatty and are finding it hard to settle down. *cough 9L cough*

I’m pulling up a stopwatch site that I normally use for silent reading in English, but instead I’m insisting on 20 minutes of absolute silence to really push their work along. After the time finishes, they’re free to chat as they keep working.

It works so well. The best thing is that after the time finishes, they normally keep on working quietly. It seems to break a circuit of behaviour for them.

For anyone who wants to try this, HERE’S THE SITE. I’ve been using it for years for speedy creative writing, silent reading and other things, but this is the best use yet!

Dad joke of the day:

What do you call an angsty teenage robot?

A sigh borg.

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