Skinflint Sunday: Only one week to go!

Only 5 more days before I finish my teaching contract. I’ve just got a few more things to finish up and then the holidays will be here. I wrote a post about it on the FI/RE blog called How Much is Enough?

Meanwhile, back at home, I’m pretty much just biding time until this week is over. The Seaglass quilt has been put aside, the veggie garden hasn’t been touched for ages and I’ve been spending my down time snuggling with the little woofs and reading novels.

Tell you what, a really good novel that I just finished yesterday is “Everyone in my Family has Killed Someone.” It’s a murder mystery and it’s very well done. The style of writing is as original as all get-out and I loved every rollicking moment. Highly recommend.

Spring is here. Look at the blossoms on my Satsuma plum! It looked dreadful last year – it had that curly-leaf thing that plums are liable to get, so this year I sprayed it with copper sulphate. That night it rained, so I was sure that it was a waste of time, but so far the leaves have sprouted looking beautiful and uncurly. Fingers crossed.

One of my thermomix jugs stopped working properly, so I turned it into a planter. Most expensive planter I’m ever likely to have…

I mentioned my kangaroo paws last time, so here’s a quick shot of them emerging. I’m so happy that they didn’t die over winter. They’re a brilliant, clear yellow and they make me happy every time I look at them.

And here’s one of the avocado trees. Two years ago I bought a couple of baby avos from Diggers and then left them in their pots. They grew waterlogged and almost died. Look at my baby now!

Dad jpke of the day:

3 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: Only one week to go!

  1. When I was still working, spring was one of my most stressful times at work. I was always so miserable then, I think because that is the time to be outdoors for the awakening of all the lovely growing things.

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