Spring has sprung.

It seems that I do most of my blog post writing when I’m in a classroom. Once the kids are working – in this case, it’s an art class – there’s not much else for me to do!

However, on Saturday I wrote a blog post for the FI/RE blog about soap making. Rather than go through it all again, even though the topic is much better suited to this blog, I’ll give you the link. It’s called ‘The Terrific Soap Recipe.’

Tom30 is now fully ensconced in his house. There are only a couple of things to be transported across and he’s at the stage of hanging pictures and making minor design changes. David29 drove across after work to view the new place and dropped into mine on the way through to pick up his birthday presents. I love our Aeropress and I also gave him a flat-bottomed mug to go with it that he’s going to take to work to use there.

He and Izzy should be moving out from her parents’ place at the end of the year, so there are a few empty packing boxes sitting here, waiting. Before we know where we are it’ll be April and time for the wedding. Then next September I’ll have 2 kids in their 30’s. How on earth did that happen?

You should hear the drivel of year 10 gossip that’s going on to my right. Or maybe you shouldn’t. It’s awful. All “She’s so mean” and “Do you like so-and-so” and so on and so forth. I’d NEVER go back in time to be at high school again.

Last week I went to Bunnings and bought some heirloom seedlings. With all the work I did last term, I didn’t get to start any seeds, which makes me feel a bit bad. Still, I guess there’s always next year. Last year I had a wall of Lazy Housewife beans and saved lots of seed. This year I’m planting a wall of Purple King beans, with seed saved from descendants of a handful of seed given to me 10 years ago from foodnstuff when she came over to visit. I hope she’s ok… she hasn’t blogged for a long time.

I love that gifts of plants and heirloom seeds that can be saved each year can still represent the giver. It’s a little piece of immortality.

I’m an art teacher all day today. Art rooms are so CLUTTERED!!!!! There’s crap everywhere, but the kids are so motivated to get their work done. I was thinking that the year 7s, in particular, might be a handful but they’re settling into doing their tasks very quietly. I may be speaking too soon – next lesson is Year 10 ceramics and for years I’ve heard tales of bits of clay getting thrown around the room when ceramics classes had a weak teacher. Let’s hope they don’t test my mettle!

I’m reading the most fantastic book at the moment. I’m halfway through it and I was so cross that I was working today because otherwise I’d have galloped through it this morning and finished it. It’s called ‘The Mother’ by Jane Caro. I can highly recommend!

There are only about 6 weeks to go before I head off to Antarctica. I still need to organise my luggage. I really wanted to just take carry-on with me, seeing as each leg of the trip has 4 separate flights on it, but seeing as I have lots of ‘warm’ layers that take up a lot of space, I’ve resigned myself to the plan of taking the Antarctica clothes with me as carry-on and having a suitcase for everything else. I really don’t want to have to set foot on the ice without decent warm clothes. I know that sometimes the ice in summer has temperatures in the mid-twenties, but I certainly don’t want to have to rely on it if my Antarctic clothes get lost.

There’s no other real news. The boys are all going fine, the little woofs are great and I’m relishing the increase I have in freedom days since that contract at work has finished. I was glad that I worked so hard last term – I only had 4 days off, which for a retired person is incredible – because the money I earned was given to Tom30 to help get him over the line for his house deposit. But I don’t want to work like this again. Retirement is too much fun!

Dad joke of the day:

Why did the chicken go to the seance?

To get to the other side.

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