Two weeks today…

So! Two weeks from today I’ll be sitting in a plane above the ocean between here and New Zealand, all going well. Who would’ve thought that a year from when I had to postpone the trip last year that we’d still be knee-deep in covid?

I stopped working a week ago and since then I’ve done most of my running around for the trip during the day, when most people are at work. I’ve had my hair cut;bought my seasickness tablets; bought an air tag in case my suitcase goes missing; got my 5th covid jab; and went to Bunnings to buy an electric mower.

That last one was because I gave my petrol mower to Tom30. Ryan27 will have no excuse to avoid gardening while I’m gone!

I’m still waiting on my visa from Chile. It’s been 6 weeks since I submitted the paperwork and I’m getting a little bit antsy. I’m also waiting on the currency people to gather my order together, so when they text me I’ll be driving to Mornington to pick it all up. I’ve decided to go with Chilean pesos, Argentinian pesos and Euros. It was a toss-up between Euros and USD, but the ship operates on Euros and if I have any leftover cash, (which, to be honest, has never happened before!), I’m more likely to make a trip to Europe before I set foot in America.

Though having said that, despite the guns, the Handmaid’s Tale laws and the general craziness over there (like Trump running for president again – do we have to listen to that weird voice AGAIN?)… if I want to be a member of the 7 Continents Club I have to visit North America at some point. Or maybe Canada.

I had a close friend ring me last night. Her sister collapsed a few days ago and she died yesterday. She was the same age as me. It really makes you think…

Anyway, enough of that! I have 2 weeks to get the garden and house into order, (maybe) finish piecing the Seaglass quilt and get my packing done.

Too easy!

Dad joke of the day:

11 thoughts on “Two weeks today…

  1. As a good friend of mine has said, life can change on a dime, so we need to seize these opportunities while we can! So she will join me in a trip to Galapagos next year :))

  2. Yes, come to Canada! It is beautiful (even in winter — or _especially_ in winter) and a lot less crazy that the United States.

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