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Skinflint Sunday: when your version of gourmet is really just leftovers.

I took the washing out to the line and on the way back in I noticed that a few things needed picking. I haven’t yet cut into this zucchini. It looks too fabulous! The Purple King beans are dried out, … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: how the day slipped away.

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged here about the new chart I’m doing to try and instil some more productive habits, but a month-and-a-bit in, it’s working like a charm. I had the whole Sunday ahead of me, free of … Continue reading

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Thoughts upon starting a new school year.

Well, it’s now the second week of the school year and life is back to normal. I’ve met all my students and they all seem like lovely kids. Well… most of them, anyway! I’m doing the 10 minutes of silent … Continue reading

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Some links you may be interested in. (Or not – who am I to judge??)

This garden may be pretty awful, but at least we’re getting heaps of beans and zucchini. I have 35 bags of chopped zucchini in the freezer at last count, with 8 monster zuccs still on the vine. It makes me … Continue reading

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ARGH!!! Last day of the holidays! WHY?!?

There’s been a bit too much of this going on these holidays. It’s a travesty of justice that the summer holidays have ended and I have to go back to work again tomorrow. The weeks have flown by. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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It’s blistering hot, but I’m thinking ahead.

Well, the soil in my garden might be awful, but the two things it’s producing lots of is zucchini and beans. I hate mucking around with blanching, so I’m going to freeze my beans using this woman’s technique. It’s low-tech … Continue reading

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I went food shopping today.

Anyone who thinks children become less expensive when they’re adults is fooling themselves. I went to Costco, Coles and Aldi today. (It was a spend day.) I spent almost $500 on food, cleaning supplies and pet food. I’ll pour myself … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: it’s the little things.

Fortunate Frogdancer strikes again! When we moved to The Best House in Melbourne, I brought a lime verbena plant with me that I’d owned for a couple of years. I have 3 lemon verbena plants, but the lime verbena was … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Part of my new year is that I want to be a bit more accountable for various things around the place this year. I’ve blogged about my “No Spend Days” chart which works really well for tracking my spending and … Continue reading

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Simple things.

On the 29th December Ryan23 became Ryan24. I made him pancakes for breakfast and he ate 5. Christmas was lovely. I now have 2 more books to add to the pile of books beside my bed. 25 at last count! … Continue reading

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