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Three more days till the holidays!!

The last couple of weeks at work have been hectic, but then they always are at the end of semester. There’s always stray bits of work to catch up, exams and essays to mark, feral year 8’s to discipline… you … Continue reading

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A life crowded with incident.

Well, it’s a Saturday afternoon, I’ve just woken up from a two-and-a-quarter hour nanna nap – (I KNOW!!! CRAZY!) – and I’ve decided that I may as well make the whole day a lazy day, so here I am. There’s a … Continue reading

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Sometimes you have to sacrifice free time for duty.

Today is Correction Day at school. It’s a day that students have off after exams so that we teachers can have a day to get all of the marking done before reports are due. Usually, I make sure that I … Continue reading

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One more little job done.

When I had the backyard paved last winter, most of the plants were thrown away, but a few remain. One is this variegated-leaf bougainvilia on the back fence. The landscaper said it would be a feature if I trained it … Continue reading

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Putting my garden to sleep over winter.

Well, will you look at this? It’s been about 6 weeks since I last wrote here. Still, no panic. I guess it just means I have a lot to catch you up on. 🙂 Winter is approaching, which means, with … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: One more set of essays to mark before the holidays!

One more week to go of term time. Gee, this term has flown by! Last year a woman at work gave me some cucumber seedlings that she couldn’t fit into her garden. I thought my terrible soil killed them all… … Continue reading

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A long weekend for most Australians – nice for some!!

It’s been two weeks since all the drama of Scout’s brush with death and I’m happy to say that she’s made a complete recovery. I wish I could say that she’s learned her lesson, but I’m afraid it’s going to … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: The Scout edition.

We’ve been seeing lots of this over the weekend. Scout was allowed to come home on Friday afternoon. I couldn’t believe it. I rang the vet on Friday morning and said, “Hi, this is Frogdancer Jones, Scout’s Mum. Is she … Continue reading

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Please keep your fingers crossed for Scout.

Scout is in an extremely bad way. I wrote about what’s happening on the other blog. I wanted to let you guys know about it too. I left my phone at work so the only people I can talk to … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: when your version of gourmet is really just leftovers.

I took the washing out to the line and on the way back in I noticed that a few things needed picking. I haven’t yet cut into this zucchini. It looks too fabulous! The Purple King beans are dried out, … Continue reading

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