Blogroll and Podcasts.

I read LOTS of blogs. This is a pared-down list.

I’ve also included some poddies that I’ve been interviewed on.


Thermomix Blogs:



These top two are EASILY the sites I use most often. Thermobexta is a vegetarian site (but with ‘meaty’ options to most recipes) that became an absolute godsend when my youngest son, Evan, became a vego.

Tick of Yum Bee is a friend of mine and although this blog isn’t maintained any more, there’s a lot of good things here.

Quirky Cooking Excellent for people with food allergies

The Bush GourmandThis blog is still current.

Blind Thermomixer

Whole Foodie Kitchen


Food 4 Thought

ChooTheFat’s Thermomix Adventures

Craft and Writing Blogs:

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog

Scott’s Travel Adventures

Spo Reflections

Tired dad.

Crazy Mom Quilts

Patch Andi

Quilt While You’re Ahead


Tallgrass Prarie Studio

Gardening and Permaculture blogs:

Down to earth

Eat at Dixiebelle’s
Happy Earth: Adventures in Urban Sustainability
This is another defunct blog, but it has useful bits and pieces in it.

Bits Out The Back

Coffee Grounds to Ground

Deep Green Permaculture  Valuable resource. I use it all the time.

Foodnstuff This has turned into an occasional Peak Oil blog, but earlier years are fascinating as she details her food forest.

Root Simple

Slow Living Essentials

The Witches Kitchen

The Greening of Gavin  This blog hasn’t been touched since 2016, but there are many valuable hints and tips here.

Financial Independence and FIRE blogs:


Burning Desire For Fire This is my blog about financial independence.

Aussie Firebug


FIRE for one.

Frugality and Freedom. Michelle curates a list most weeks of FIRE posts.

Latestarter FIRE.  LSF has a series of posts about people who have come to the FI journey in their 40’s and 50’s. My interview is HERE.

Lifelong Shuffle

Strong Money Australia

Rest of the world:

Burrito Bowl Diaries

Educator FI – he has a series on educators on the way to FI. My interview is HERE.

Freedom is Groovy. I met the Groovies in 2019 when they were in Melbourne on holidays. Great people.

Get Rich Slowly

Go Curry Cracker!

Having Fun Cracking Reirement A woman from the UK who retired at around the same age I will be.

JL Collins – The Simple Path to Wealth. If you’re learning about investments, read his ‘Stock Series.’ I learned so much! Then buy his book. Most is applicable to Australia, not just the US.

Mr Money Mustache A “must-read’ is his Shockingly Simple Math to Early Retirement. It’s not a stretch to say it changed my life.

The Escape Artist. One of my favourite blogs. When I discovered it I went back to the start and read every post.

The Retirement Manifesto.

Podcast interviews:

Loyrad media – An interview with Frogdancer Jones – North Korea trip.

Millionaires Unveiled – Interview 54.

Earn and Invest – Are all teachers poor?

2 thoughts on “Blogroll and Podcasts.

  1. Fingerless gloves are fabulous–love the length. My daughter has been asking for some. Dare I? How hard were they? (asked the very tentative knitter!)

    Saw that you won one of Julia’s prizes, too. I can’t wait! Let me know. . . ! 🙂

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