Thermomix Blogs:

Tick of Yum

Why is there air?

‘In The Mix’ Tricks



Steph Berg

Thermomix meals


The Opies: Family Food

Super! Kitchen Machine


Quirky Cooking

The Bush Gourmand

Homemade, Healthy, Happy.

Blind Thermomixer

Whole Foodie Kitchen


Food 4 Thought

ChooTheFat’s Thermomix Adventures

Craft and Writing Blogs:

The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles

Eyes of Wonder

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a blog

Identity Crisis.

Idle Persiflage

Magneto Bold Too.

Pedalling my ass off.

Pleasant View Schoolhouse


Scott’s abode.

Scott’s Travel Adventures

Spo Reflections

Tired dad.


Crazy Mom Quilts

Patch Andi

Quilt While You’re Ahead


Tallgrass Prarie Studio

Gardening and Permaculture blogs:

Bek’s Backyard

Down to earth

Eat at Dixiebelle’s
Happy Earth: Adventures in Urban Sustainability

Bits Out The Back

Casuabon’s Book

Coffee Grounds to Ground

Deep Green Permaculture


Living the Good Life

Milkwood: Permaculture in Practice

Root Simple

Slow Living Essentials

The Witches Kitchen

The Greening of Gavin

Scratch and Peck



2 Responses to Blogroll

  1. suse says:

    Hey, aren’t I part of your ‘gang’?


  2. Marylee says:

    Fingerless gloves are fabulous–love the length. My daughter has been asking for some. Dare I? How hard were they? (asked the very tentative knitter!)

    Saw that you won one of Julia’s prizes, too. I can’t wait! Let me know. . . ! 🙂

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