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Kids can surprise you – even when they’re adults.

I saw this meme on Janet’s blog and thought I’d give it a burl. Making: Either tonight or tomorrow night I’ll be making some timtam fudge or caramello fudge for the people at work. I’m also knee-deep in a quilt for Tom25, … Continue reading

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Thank God for central heating.

It’s a wintry afternoon here in Melbourne and I have no demos booked this weekend. A good opportunity to hunker down inside and do a few jobs that I’ve been putting off. The heating’s on and the dogs are snoring … Continue reading

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Hideous grammar and teeth.

Not that I’m planning to date any of my students, but as of Monday I’ll be back dealing with their hideous grammar. In my classes Monday is always “Grammar Day.” I figure we may as well get the boring stuff … Continue reading

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Meme to keep me from imploding with nerves.

This came in handy this morning. It’s 6am and I couldn’t sleep. Tom1 finds out his VCE results today. In a little over an hour we find out his ENTER score, which will determine which university course he’ll be offered. … Continue reading

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Honesty is the best policy.

Thanks to Mind of a Mad Woman, I have this award. I’m honest. (Sadly, this is quite true. Ask me a direct question and you’ll get the unvarnished truth. Otherwise, I’m perfectly happy to tap dance around being tactful.) Here … Continue reading

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Tree of Happiness.

Docwitch tagged me for this meme, which is a good one for this time of the year. As our ears ring with the crash of broken resolutions, this makes us focus on what’s actually working in our lives. So here goes! … Continue reading

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Laughing Out Loud.

Yesterday I was reading through my bloglines and I came across this. Noha has posted the most hilarious article. Read and enjoy! ***** Jill at Tips From Home tagged me, so here goes. First I need to list 6 unspectacular facts about … Continue reading

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Memories and other stuff.

I was tagged by M to do this meme about life, the universe and everything. Here goes… 1. Six Places I Have Lived. *Moorabbin. Born and bred. Now it’s called Hampton East, so naturally that means I’m far more posh and … Continue reading

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The Movie Meme.

I copied this from Joke. You are supposed to bold the ones you’ve seen and italicise the ones you’ve seen partially. (I’ve only italicised one. I’m a shocker for HAVING to see how books and movies end up, even if I … Continue reading

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Guera has memed me with a 7 weird things about you. Meaning me. I don’t know any weird things about you. I’m beginning to think I’m running out of weird things to write, because as anyone who knows me will … Continue reading

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