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Skinflint Sunday: Stay in for fun fun fun!

This greeted me when I left work on Wednesday. Surprisingly, no note had been left. It’s going to cost me 1K to get it fixed, so suddenly getting to work by public transport has become the cheapest option. The car’s … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: The bachelor pad.

I thought I’d start off with this shot today. Seems appropriate. Deana gave me this wall hanging (for want of a better word) when I stayed at her place last year when I was in England. I went to visit … Continue reading

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Now it’s in the lap of the Gods. (In other words, the real estate agents.)

Well it’s certainly been a hectic couple of weeks. The house is on the market, with a view to selling it in a couple of weeks if a developer likes the thought of two housing blocks side-by-side in the McKinnon … Continue reading

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Hi everyone! I think the pressure of blogging the Europe trip every day meant that I needed a blog break. I’ve been puddling around here for the last 3 weeks, getting over jet lag, putting (some of) the garden to rights … Continue reading

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Scarlet Runners have done a runner.

Remember this? The scarlet runner beans which didn’t ‘bean’? This is what the bed looks like now, after 5 hours work with a pair of secateurs. I chopped the plants into tiny pieces to use as mulch. No point wasting … Continue reading

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I need some clothespegs for my netting.

I think my netting skillz need some work. Still, I find that one of my main faults as a gardener is not knowing when to harvest things, so sometimes I leave them too long. At least this way I know … Continue reading

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Skinflint Sunday: Beans and reviving the Independence Days Challenge.

I read this post from a blog I’ve been reading for years. I’m feeling pretty envious; I love beans too and by the sounds of things she’s knee deep in the things. I was late sowing mine, due to the … Continue reading

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Baby step.

Here’s the first step to my new front garden! When Karen from Edible Eden first came to my place to have a look at my garden, with a view to designing a bit of a neat tidy suburban food forest … Continue reading

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I thought I posted this in the morning, but I didn’t. The cool change is nearly here…

Well, back to our regularly scheduled programming! I took this photo a couple of days ago of my new garden friend in the Great Pumpkin Experiment 2015 garden bed. There’s 4 butternut pumpkin plants (and a few cucumbers) here and … Continue reading

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I love being on holiday.

Just saw in my Facebook feed that Joe Cocker died. I first saw this clip a few years ago and every now and then I show it to my classes when we’re doing song lyrics. As usual, the first few … Continue reading

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