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Skinflint Sunday: One more set of essays to mark before the holidays!

One more week to go of term time. Gee, this term has flown by! Last year a woman at work gave me some cucumber seedlings that she couldn’t fit into her garden. I thought my terrible soil killed them all… … Continue reading

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A long weekend for most Australians – nice for some!!

It’s been two weeks since all the drama of Scout’s brush with death and I’m happy to say that she’s made a complete recovery. I wish I could say that she’s learned her lesson, but I’m afraid it’s going to … Continue reading

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Thoughts upon starting a new school year.

Well, it’s now the second week of the school year and life is back to normal. I’ve met all my students and they all seem like lovely kids. Well… most of them, anyway! I’m doing the 10 minutes of silent … Continue reading

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ARGH!!! Last day of the holidays! WHY?!?

There’s been a bit too much of this going on these holidays. It’s a travesty of justice that the summer holidays have ended and I have to go back to work again tomorrow. The weeks have flown by. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Probably the most educational part of my classes.

Today I spent a happy couple of hours trawling the internet looking for fresh Dad jokes for my classes. About 6 months ago I had the brilliant idea of putting a Dad joke up on the board at the beginning … Continue reading

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More random musings as kids write. Or do grammar. Or read.

A couple of days ago I went to the auction of one of the townhouses that were built on my old property. It was a real ‘Sliding Doors’ moment. I was able to see if I’d made the right decision … Continue reading

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Random musings as kids write.

I’m sitting here in front of my docile year 9 class while they’re writing an essay. It’s silent, the only sounds being the noise from the class next door, the click of my nails hitting the keyboard and papers rustling. … Continue reading

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My essay marking is FINISHED! Back to regular programming.

On Sunday I grabbed the dogs and went into school, to spend the day with some of my year 12 Theatre Studies kids, working on making set pieces for this year’s play: Jasper Jones. Theatre Studies is an interesting but … Continue reading

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And now I feel guilty for whingeing about going to work.

First time I’ve EVER requested an extra… especially on a 5-on day. But after receiving this email, how could I not? “Hello Ms Frogdancer, We saw that you have a free period 3 on Friday so I thought that maybe … Continue reading

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This came from a year 8 boy’s story. It was set in the army during a war: “We were following the colon and were looking for landmines.” I think he meant that they were following the colonel…

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