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Some links you may be interested in. (Or not – who am I to judge??)

This garden may be pretty awful, but at least we’re getting heaps of beans and zucchini. I have 35 bags of chopped zucchini in the freezer at last count, with 8 monster zuccs still on the vine. It makes me … Continue reading

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Big news! Plus I need your vote for the Grand Final.

Jeffrey suspects that something’s up. First up, before I get into why the blog will be unattended for 3 weeks, even though I’m travelling: OMG. It’s the Grand Final. Frogdancer, who can’t walk quickly without starting to puff. Whose frame … Continue reading

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I’m in the semi-final!

EDITED TO SAY: I’M NOW IN THE GRAND FINAL NEXT WEEK. OMG. This blog competition has come at just the wrong time. I’m too busy wading through end-of-term corrections of the worst essays I think I’ve ever SEEN to write … Continue reading

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Everyone… I’m in trouble. Remember that blog competition I told you about a while ago? Well, I didn’t want to hassle you about it if my post was cruising through. HOWEVER… I’m up against a British Doctor who has not … Continue reading

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My new blog! And a give-away.

Hey everyone! I’ve started a new blog all about attaining Financial Independence and Retiring Early(er). I’ve been reading so many blogs about FI, investing, personal finance and the like, and there were a few things I kept noticing. Most of … Continue reading

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I had an interesting conversation today. I was talking with a friend over the phone. She was a tad hungover from a Christmas breakup the night before, while I was hiding from the hot day by staying inside, reading Tony … Continue reading

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I love this poem.

Forgetfulness. ┬áBy Billy Collins The name of the author is the first to go followed obediently by the title, the plot, the heartbreaking conclusion, the entire novel which suddenly becomes one you have never read, never even heard of, as … Continue reading

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Why are the holidays so short?

Even in the holidays I like a good English Teacher meme. The holidays are drawing to a close. Readers who’ve been with me for a while will know that I’m usually torn between a feeling of mourning, mixed with frenetic … Continue reading

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Just popping in briefly…

Busy busy busy. But I HAD to post a link to a blog which I’ve been reading for a while and then got to see in person. Hang on… I’ll back up a bit. The blog is called Bek’s Backyard … Continue reading

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Here was my FB status from yesterday.

Just got an iphone. Thought the nice man in the shop turned the autocorrect off as I requested but clearly not. I sent a text to a new customer about the thermomix demo we went to on Friday. The phone … Continue reading

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