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Simple Knitted vest.


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Ravelised here (with mods).

Kiki Mariko Rug.

P7030140 by you.
Ravelry page here.
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Black headband to hold back dreadlocks.

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Improv Hat and Cowl.

p43001541Blogged here, along with the link to the patterns. This was very quick and easy to make… I can highly recommend it.

Ravelised here.

Edited at add: I made another one for a friend.

Intercostal Fingerless Gloves.

p3060137Second go at this pattern… again a raging success!

Blogged here with links to the pattern and the Ravelry page.

Amaya Bamboo top. (February.)


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Ravelised here.

Very happy with this one. It’s not often I make a top big enough for me to wear, so I’m relieved that I like it! I’ve been wanting to knit this one for years. Very glad I got around to it now that the yarn has been discontinued.

Seven Circle Scarf. (January.)

P1210020 by you.

Blogged here, with a lot more photos. This scarf only took 2.5 days to make, and because it is 7 rings with a solid piece at the back to hold it all together, it’s an interesting knit as well. Love it! Made with one skein of hand dyed wool, so it’s a good little stash buster as well.

Ravelised here, also with lots of photos.

Free pattern on Ravelry, found here.


December. Intercostal Fingerless Gloves.


These gloves are a Christmas present for my 15 year old son. He requested fingerless gloves right up the entire length of his arms in black. We compromised on the colour, because I had a huge ball of brown wool in the stash.

I can highly recommend the pattern… it’s free on Ravelry and my second son (the 16 year old) has requested a pair for himself… thankfully in a more usual length. Any handknits that teenage boys like to wear is a winner in my book!

Ravelised here. Blogged here.

November. Another knitted bag.


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Ravelised here.

This one’s for me!

October. Fingerless Gloves.


Very happy with these gloves.

Fetching pattern from here.

Ravelised here.

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Ryan3 wants me to make him a pair of fingerless gloves after seeing these, but he wants them in a more manly style. Apparently cables around the cuffs are slightly ‘girly’. Still, I count these gloves as a success if they inspire my teenagers to request hand knits!


Basketweave Scarf. My own pattern.

pb210022I fell in love with this yarn (Jo Sharps Silkroad DK Tweed) and had to buy it. This scarf has a lovely drape, probably due to the silk in the yarn.

Ravelised here, with the pattern. It isn’t hard to do, but it takes a little time because the needles are fairly small. But you could make this scarf with any ply wool, and the result is worth it. Very classic. And slimming.

Blogged here, with a load more pictures to really show it off, along with the shockingly neglected back garden.

Rainbow Scarf.

Ravelised here. No photo as yet… I sent it off to the recipient without getting the camera out. Not one of my finest blogging moments. But I can HIGHLY recommend the pattern.

Knitting Needle bag. (October.)

P9290008 by you.

Blogged here.

Ravelised here.

27/09/09 Oh my goodness… how I’ve neglected this page! I update the books and the quilts, but even though I always have something on the knitting needles… I never post them. I’ll do a bit of a catch up.

P7250011 by you.P7180005 by you.

Four ‘Turn a Square’ beanies for my four boys. Pattern found here. These beanies were easy to make and very rewarding… knitters with teenage boys know that when they grab something as soon as it’s off the needles and wear it willingly, then you’re onto a winner. I want to knit one for me, but in something slightly more girly than steely grey. Knitted with Rowan Cashsoft 8 ply for the grey and Cleckheaton Country Prints for the stripes.



Mostly, these things are what I’ve been knitting. Ever since the child support went down to $3 a day per child, I’ve been knitting baby hats and snake scarves to sell so that Ryan3 can keep doing guitar. As soon as one is off the needles another one is on, so it’s a never ending stream of DPNs and 4 ply wool. However, I’m getting very sick of knitting nothing but baby hats, so I’ve decided that this coming year I’ll alternate between something for us and something to sell. This photo blogged here.


Don’t laugh, but I’ve also been knitting myself some dishcloths for the kitchen. I am in love with them.

Knitted with pure cotton, you can throw them into the wash with anything, they dry in a snap and when they eventually get worn out, you can throw them into the compost because there’s no artificial fibres in them. I experimented with different stitches, but for simple scrubbiness with dirty pots I love the garter stitch ones.

Great for mindless knitting in front of the tv when you’re tired.

Just cast on however many stitches you think you’ll need. From memory, I think I cast on around 44. Then knit a square or rectangle big enough to cover your hand. Then cast off.

Couldn’t be easier! (And it makes you feel productive for very little effort. That’s got to be a good thing, surely?)

P4090177 by you.

A feather and fan scarf, modelled by the lovely Eleanor and gifted to Mary from Sydney. Pattern found here.



The enormous 8 ply afghan. This took 63.75 hours over 3.5 months to do. (I’m not normally so attentive to the stats, but I had a lot of time to wonder just how long this project was going to take.) Knitted in basket weave, so no sewing!!!

I needed a bit of a change, so now I’m working with this:Colour! to make these:picture-086-wince.jpgFinished 1/03/08 I hate knitting socks, I’ve decided.

Jumper in Cleckheaton Country Silk (mix of 85%pure wool and 15% silk.)

Made for me but Evan4 is modeling it. Finished 30/03/08 This jumper drapes so well and is so very comfortable. The wool is expensive but well worth it.

Connor and afghan.Kim Hargreaves beret (‘Robin’). Knitted within 24 hours with Rowan Cashsoft yarn (a mix of 57% extra fine merino, 33% microfibre and 10% cashmere). Very soft and gorgeous to hold, though sadly I think it needs longer hair than I’ve got to pull it off. Made for me, modeled by Ryan. Gifted to my mother for mother’s day. That woman knows how to pull a beret onto a jaunty angle. (That isn’t my mother wearing it in the photo, I hasten to add. That’s Ryan3.)

Finished 3/04/08