Frogdancer Quilts

The quilts get better over time – I promise!!!

Jan 2008:

My plan is to make a quilt for each of my boys. By the time I finish this, then I should be good enough to make a decent looking one for myself. Isn’t that why we have kids… to practise on them? I have very deep blue bedroom walls, and it has been impossible to find a doona cover that looks good, so I have to make one myself. I have never sewn. I borrowed a sewing machine from my friend Sandy, learned how to drive it and the next day went to my first quilting class. This was in December 2007.

Quilt number 1.  January 2008. For Evan4.

It’s from a free pattern called ‘Breeze’ from Amitee , the quilting shop near me. I needed something simple (notice all the squares) and the colours had to be very testosterone-friendly, as I wasn’t sure how the boys would react to me making quilts for them. The backing is a flannelette sheet, the binding is homemade from black cotton drill and the top is made from lots of scraps that I bought as a bundle from the shop. It has turned out remarkably well and is a huge hit with the recipient. Evan. I started with the youngest and least critical child first. It’s the middle of summer and he’s been walking around for days wrapped up in it. Success!

Quilt number 2: For Ryan3.picture-104-wince.jpg

This one was completed in the April school holidays for Ryan. Also a free pattern from Amitee, it’s basically just more squares with big and little windows in them. I was rapt when I found some owl fabric, because that’s the feature that ties this quilt together. It’s made with the scraps left over from making the previous quilt (plus another bundle of scraps from Amitee), which works out really well as the boys share a room. Both quilts are different, yet tone in together to make the room still seem co-ordinated. (Plus it was a lot of fun to cut the owl squares out. Some are squarely in the picture-031-wince.jpgmiddle, others are peeking out from the sides or from the bottom…. it’s all good.)

Quilt number 3: David2’s quilt.

This fiery thing was made over the course of about 6 weeks. I joined in with Amanda-Jean’s first quilt-a-long. David is into fire (not in a pyromaniac way) and dragons, so I chose vivid colours to fit into the decor of his room.

I learned so much doing this quilt-a-long. The step by step instructions (with photos) made it invaluable. (It was like ‘Quilting For Dummies”… incidentally I also use that book!) I am reasonably happy with how it turned out (though I think the yellow patch was a mistake, and the black shows pet hair far too much; but hey… you live and learn), but I’ve found that I prefer the look of more co-ordinated quilt tops. The ‘sampler’ look isn’t really my thing. But David loves it, so that’s all that matters.

Quilt number 4: Tom1’s quilt.

I saw this design on a few different blogs and saved them for future reference. Tom started hassling me for a quilt so I sat down with a pen and paper and worked out how this would go. It was my first attempt at designing something myself. (Don’t get too excited though, it’s a very simple design!)

All it is is patches of 3 strips sewn together (I used 4″x11″ strips from memory) and then put together with each patch facing a different way. I quilted in straight lines along each seam, so it looks as if each strip is 3 small patches sewn together. This may sound a little odd, but I’m working on another quilt that is exactly the same design, so when I complete it in a few days I’ll take a photo that’ll show what I mean.

The backing was a flannelette sheet, with the ‘guitar’ fabric used as the binding. Tom chose the fabric for this quilt, and each of the 3 choices means something special in his life. (Sport: golf balls; guitars: he’s learning guitar and musical notes: he’s learning singing.) Of course, he said that he wanted to choose the fabric only after I’d assembled most of the quilt I was originally going to make. So Evan (who absolutely loved the colours) is getting a surprise for his birthday.

Quilt number 5: Evan4’s Birthday Quilt.

Picture 035

Exactly the same design as Tom’s quilt, but with by far more vivid colours. I went and bought some ready-made binding in Evan’s Football team colours, which added a little personal touch. I made this in secret, even sewing the binding in front of various classes writing assessment task essays in class, much to their bemusement. But I think it’s a good thing for students to see that people can be creative in a hand-on way, instead of just thinking that writing is the only creativity that teachers value.

Evan loved it. He was so shocked that I was able to make something so time consuming without him knowing. I’m writing this two months after his birthday, and nearly every day he’s watched tv or played the Wii wrapped up in it, and at night it’s on his bed. I couldn’t be happier with his reaction.

Quilt number 6: THE INTERNET QUILT.

So called because everything from the conception, the materials, the design and the mitred corners came from the internet. This baby was the brainchild of Laura, who read about my trials and tribulations in July this year when the child support laws changed and my ex-husband took full advantage of it, and she offered to send me some fabric to make myself a quilt. With such a lovely offer how could I refuse?

I saw this design on Andrea’s blog, and after emailing her for permission and measurements I gave it a go. I adapted the design slightly to make the squares and rectangles bigger and I dispensed with the border that Andrea had put on hers, as I only wanted a lap quilt size to watch tv under. I sewed it using thread that I’d bought when I was with my sister, who hates blogging with a passion and thinks it’s a stupid thing to do. The blogging connections with this quilt just kept on happening!!

I finished quilting it just in time to go with a friend to a blogmeet at the airport to meet Laura in person. Now that was a very special moment, watching Laura see what her fabric stash had turned into!

EDITED TO ADD: I never thought I’d make a quilt and give it away, but the Internet Quilt now lives with my friend Judy, who was burnt out in the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009. I also ran a book drive for her sone Jarryd to replace the books he lost, and we raised well over 100 books that people from all over the world sent him. It was amazing. People truly are wonderful.

Quilt number 7: Widget’s Quilt.

Picture 180

This was a quilt I made with and for my friend Megan. She was teaching Tom to sing and we agreed to do a barter thing, where he’d get voice lessons and I’d make her a queen-sized quilt. I was hoping that she’d be ok with a doll quilt, but sadly she sleeps in a much bigger bed.

Picture 062

We chose the patterned blocks from a book and I learned the joys of adapting a pattern and having to be flexible when things didn’t quite go to plan. Even though this quilt top doesn’t look at all improvised, it certainly has elements in it! The borders around the patterned blocks were not part of the original design, but sometimes things happen for a reason. I think that without those blue borders, the whole quilt would lack pizzazz.

Widget pieced the back herself, with fabric sent over to her from Laura of the Internet Quilt fame. (see above.) This was Widget’s first, (and apparently her last) attempt at patchworking.

It’s lightly quilted in straight lines around the blocks and the binding is the same fabric as the background on the patterned blocks. My biggest quilt to date!

Quilt number 8: The Basketweave strings quilt.


This quilt is all machine pieced… Queen sized…. 4″ squares… 3000 or so pieces… free form spirals throughout.

An informal tutorial is here.

Quilt number 9: The Circle Quilt.


This one was made in a week (if you ignore the weeks that I had the pile of cut 12″ squares hanging around while I finished up the string quilt). Originally meant for me, but is now going to my 10 year old niece for Christmas.

I saw the original quilt and tutorial here at Amy’s blog.

Blogged here.

(Edited to add… I ended up giving this to one of my son David2’s best friends for Christmas, which meant that I had to quilt fast to make the following quilt for my niece.)

Quilt number 10: The Rainbow Quilt.

PC250002 by you.

This was a gift to my 10-year-old niece for Christmas. The top came together quickly, all from my stash, and for the first time, I also pieced together two leftover strips of batting to make the quilt entirely from scraps. The back was a flannelette sheet I bought from Spotlight over a year ago to use just for this purpose. The white was all leftovers from the huge 9 patch quilt that I’ve yet to start quilting, (it’s basted together, ready to go), and the white only just made it… lots of little patches on the ends of the rows to get them to the right size. Very satisfying to use up all of the scraps. This was also the first time I quilted using an all-over swirly stitch rather than straight lines, and I LOVE IT! So much more forgiving and also much quicker.

I really loved how this turned out and I’m pretty sure I’ll make similar ones like this in the future. It’s fun to pick things out of the stash and pop them together like this.

Quilt 11: Dan’s Zig zag Quilt.


P1090012 by you.

Yet another quilt I’ve made to give away! Dan is a very good mate of David2’s, so when I gave away the circle quilt to his female friend, I had to make something for Dan. It would have been rude not to, don’t you think? This one is so rich in autumnal tones… it’s hard to give this one away because it looks so darned good on my couch! The photo doesn’t do it justice.

Blogged here, along with the online tutorial I used to make a zig-zag quilt from squares rather than triangles. I made it to the pattern, but it looked not-quite-long=enough for a teenage boy, so I added 4″ borders around it to give it some added length and wrappability.

I completed this quilt in 3 days. It was a lot of work in a very short time frame, but the result is worth it. I highly recommend this method of doing the zigzags.

12. The Kitcheny quilt.

P1110010 by you.

Blogged here.

This quilt is huge. Tom1 and Ryan3 couldn’t hold it up high enough.

Quilt number 13: Another Rainbow Quilt.

P1240004 by you.

This one was for a friend of mine, whose son Dan also has a quilt. (The zig-zag quilt above.)

Blogged here.

I had to make her a quilt… you’ve never seen a non-quilty person rave so much about a quilt as when I gave Dan his quilt. She kept saying how she kept trying to use it when they were watching tv and Dan would always ask for it, so clearly this woman needed a quilt of her own. I’ve also cut out rainbow strips for a quilt for me. I’m still loving the wonkiness!

Quilt 14: Baby Quilt.


Blogged here, with an explanation of why the photo is full of movement, along with a link to the tutorial where I got the measurements for the blocks.

Quilt number 15: Rainbow Quilt number 3.

P4070136 by you.

Pieced with rainbow fabric on the back from DottyCookie.Blogged here.This one’s special because I made it for US! No more nippy evenings watching tv! 

Quilt number 16: The ‘Gone Away’ Quilt.

Blogged here, along with a link for the pattern. 

P4020138 by you.

Made for my dear friend Scott, who now lives in chilly England.

Quilt 17: Gim’s Quilt (or the Whingeing Quilt… because her husband is always cold.)


Blogged here, along with instructions of how I machine-sewed the binding. I am very happy with the finish and it saved quite a bit of time.

Quilt 18: Morgan’s quilt.


Made for my niece for Christmas 2010. It looks a bit like a tickertape quilt but it isn’t…. no rough edges in this baby!! Everything is sewn down securely!Made from a mix of vintage sheets from England and fabric from here.Blogged.

Quilts 19 and 20: The sister quilts.


Made for Christmas 2010 for my real sister and my best friend, who is like a sister.Identical in every way, except the HSTs are rotated differently in each quilt.Blogged here.TUTORIAL FOR MACHINE BINDING QUILTS.

Quilt 21: The Charlie Brown Quilt.


Made for my brother for Christmas 2010.

Quilt 22: The Reading Quilt.


Completed March 2011.I bought a whole heap of Moda prints from an Etsy shop and I liked the idea of using the print fabric as a quilt to read under. However, ‘free’ time becoming less and less available, I decided to take a leaf out of some American quilters I’ve seen and make a quilt using HUGE blocks. Worked a treat. This was a quick finish.I like it, but I wish that I’d made the blocks wonky. My friend Blogless Sandy was appalled by this. She loves the quilt as it is. She’s an ordered creature…Blogged here:

QUILT 23: The Inverloch Quilt.

Completed 01/10/2011 and given to Mum and Dad.

Blogged here.

Quilt 24: Megan’s Quilt

Made this for her when she lost her Mum.
Completed January 2012

Quilt 25: Tom27’s Quilt. Completed November 2019.

I started this quilt 2 years ago when I went to a quilting retreat. I stupidly thought that making a queen-sized bed quilt using 5″ squares would be an easy and motivating way to get back into quilting. WHAT a fool!

I made blocks of 6 X 6 squares, with a diagonal line running through them. The colour values are all over the shop, but at least I got this finished! Tom27 likes green, so that was the basis of the colour choices.

Quilt Number 26: Baby quiltCompleted Oct 2019.

A “try out the pattern quilt”.

This one was done to try out a pattern I bought for the quilt after this one. Blogless Sandy, my best friend, is expecting her third grandchild in April. Gender unknown. I just pulled fabric out from my stash (such as it is) and put it together. Pattern works well, so on I went with the next one.

Quilt number 27: Izzy’s Quilt. Completed Dec 2019.

A bit bigger than I visualised, but that’s ok (now.)

Izzy has had a tough year. In January she was diagnosed with leukaemia and although she’s responded well to the treatment, it’s still been a stressful year. She and David26 have been going out for 2 years now and a little while ago he asked if I’d make her a quilt.

I found this pattern and it worked a treat. As you can see, her favourite colour is pink.

Quilt Number 28: The Outlander Quilt.

This quilt was made for my sister-in-law after my brother suffered a stroke. If anyone needed a quilt, she did! Thankfully, he’s recovering pretty well and she loves this quilt, so all’s good.

Why is it called the Outlander? Because of the backing fabric.

It’s a double bed sized quilt. Blogged HERE.

Quilt 29: The Sausage dog baby quilt. Feb 2020

I made this for my nephew’s new baby. I blended two quilts here – I’m making a dachshund quilt for Ryan25 so the head and bottom come from that pattern. The body is from a quilt I saw on Pinterest, just strips of fabric.

It’s a fun little quilt for a dog-loving family.


Quilt 30: The Bee’s Knees quilt. 2020

Evan23 came with me to Spotlight to choose the fabric for this quilt, after we looked through Pinterest to select a design. Of course, he wanted yellow and grey, both colours of which were non-existent in my stash.

I cleverly made double the amount of blocks that I needed for this quilt, so I guess at some stage I’ll make another. He loves it.

The name is because there is bee fabric on the back. BLOGGED HERE.

Quilt 31: The Canterbury Quilt. July 2020

I bought the fabrics for this quilt (and The Outlander quilt) when my dear friend Deana and I were in Canterbury. I bought these pretty fabrics, intending to make her a quilt. Well, it only took 5 years!

The design was improvised. Lap quilt-sized, I suppose. BLOGGED HERE.

Quilt 32: The Scout Quilt. Dec 2020

This is one of the best quilts I’ve ever done. It’s from a pattern – ‘Dogs in Sweaters’ – but I improvised the middle dog to be a portrait of our Scout. It’s HARD to sew a beard and eyebrows onto a dachshund’s face!!

Both she and Ryan26 love it!

Quilt 33: Jenna’s Quilt. Dec 2020

Evan24 has the loveliest girlfriend! They’ve been going out for nearly 3 years, so it was definitely time for a quilt.

I’ve been cutting scraps into 2.5″ squares, so this quilt has fabric from MANY different quilts.

She likes pink, so I made it a rule that every block needed to have a touch of pink.

Scrappy binding. This used up a lot of scrap fabric, which made me happy.


Quilt 34: The BEE Positive Quilt. May 2021

Apart from the backing, this was all from the stash.

Made for my boss, as a thank you.


Quilt 35: Cathy’s quilt. (Finished June 3 2021.)

Some people have to wait for me to make them a quilt. I’ve only known Cathy for 42 years, so I hope she thinks it was worth the wait!

BLOGGED HERE, along with the video I used for the pattern.

Quilt 36: Ian’s quilt.

A lap-sized quilt made for my dear friend Ian, who I’ve known since Evan24 was Evan2.


QUILT 37 : Vintage- look Baby Quilt.

Friends of Tom29 are expecting a little girl in the next couple of months. He asked me to knit a baby hat for them, but I said that a quilt might be more impressive.

Blogged HERE, along with the free pattern link.

Quilt 38 – The 2011-2021 couch quilt.

This is a quilt 10 years in the making!

It’s a ‘Quilt As You Go’ quilt, with the blocks put together in a long strip to fit along one of my couches.

I tried out a few different things on this one and learned a lot.


Quilt 39: The quilt that Ryan26 designed.

Ryan26 designed a quilt for me to make for his brother, David28. A queen sized quilt was the request, so I tested out the pattern by making this little baby quilt first.

Blogged HERE.

Quilt 40 – Scrappy baby quilt.

This little project was just something I felt like putting together. It’s the 6th quilt I’ve made during lockdowns and again, it all came from stash.

I saw the star design on Pinterest and thought, “I can do that!” I had some 3″ squares left over from quilt 37, so that was the starting point. The backing is from a doona cover I found at Savers and the binding is from a pillowcase that went with it. Some of these fabrics have been with me for over a decade.

Measures 41″ X 41″..


Quilt 41 – Mum and Dad’s Christmas Quilt.

Made this quilt entirely from stash – even the binding was strips of binding left over from previous quilts.

Double bed sized.


Quilt 41 – Jesse’s Christmas Quilt.

Made for a Secret Santa Quilt for my niece. The last quilt I made her was quilt #10 – one of the rainbow quilts.

This is lap quilt sized.


Quilt 43 – David28’s Quilt.

Quilt 39 was the test for this queen-sized quilt.

Although it’s technically a pandemic/lockdown quilt, I had to order in the fabric. I don’t use solids very much, but both the recipient (David28) and the designer (Ryan26) were insistent that only solids should be used.


Quilt 44 – Ryan27’s birthday quilt.

Years ago, back when Ryan26 was Ryan12, I promised to make him a skull quilt.

This is a true pandemic/lockdown quilt – made as a secret for someone living in the same house. The number of walks I insisted that poor boy take!!!


Quilt 45: Robyn’s quilt. March 2022

Oh how I love this quilt!

A couple of years ago my Aunt died. This is a quilt for Robyn, my cousin. She and her Mum used to love to play golf, so each square has golf ball fabric in it. My aunt was also an artist and loved colour, so each square has one or two stripes of colour through it.

This is a ‘Quilt As You Go’ project.


Quilt 46: Alice’s baby quilt.

This was the first of two quilts that I made for girls at work who are expecting. Both of them haven’t found out the genders of their babies, so both quits are neutral.


Quilt 47: Lauren’s baby quilt.

Here’s the other one. BLOGGED HERE.

10 thoughts on “Frogdancer Quilts

  1. I love to look at your quilts. Some of my most prized possessions are quilts made by my mammaw and great granny. I will keep these forever. I have made one quilt out of double knit (that tells you how long ago it was) and it so warm I can only use it on very cold nights.

  2. From someone who has always had trouble sewing a straight line, I have to say I am very impressed, both by the designs and the making – where do you find the time? I am a crocheter and make baby blankets, but I think the demand is lessening – just as well as they take months to make, and cost a lot too. They have to be very special babies!

  3. I just love all your quilts …where do you find the time …boy you are amazing …I also love quilting haven’t made any where near that amount .
    Sherrie from simpleliving

  4. Hi Frogdancer, what beautiful quilts you have created! your boys are very lucky to have such a loving mother who also loves to share her craft. Especially love your “rainbow” quilts your design is fantastic!!

  5. I reading your blog about growing fruit and veg and saving money. Also enjoyed looking at your beautiful quilts. Bravo and keep on keeping on! (BTW the first 18 or so pics of quilts didn’t appear, not sure if it is a problem on my end or yours)

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