My dogs deserve the best.


There’s no way I could show you this on a Sunday as there’s nothing ‘skinflint’ about it. After Maris died I thought it’d be nice to get Daphne a new bed, seeing as I had to throw the old one out after Maris died in it. While I was on the website my sister recommended, I clicked on ‘dog beds’. It was probably an error…

I ordered a bed so large that I have to take it to a laundrette to be cleaned. I was thinking that soon there’ll be a third puppy, when Audrey the miniature wire-haired dachshund comes to stay, so they’ll need the room to spread out. Poppy and Jeff seem to like it, so that’s all good. Daphne’s bed is far smaller. She’s as snug as a bug in it.:)

In other doggy news, Poppy looks as if she may be in whelp. Her breeder sent me this link so on day 19 I checked. Pink gums. The morning of day 20? Pink. The evening of day 20? Her gums were white. I was amazed. Anyway, in the fullness of time we’ll see if she’s pregnant, but this was an interesting thing to see.


At 7:30 on Saturday morning I took the dogs for a walk. We walked for ages, especially since Mum rang so we were having a chat as the sea did its thing. We were there for about half an hour and it wasn’t until I was putting on their leads that I realised that I’d put my shoes down somewhere and I had no idea where they were.

I was so incensed with myself. They were Moxy shoes, so comfy and not exactly cheap. I decided to retrack my steps and look for them. Murphy the chicken killer was with us and he’s getting along in years. He sighed and kept walking with us, as we walked and walked and walked. Finally – success!


I must have put them down to answer the phone. I was rapt. (So was Murphy.)


Earlier in the week I took my year 12 Theatre Studies kids into the city to the MTC’s production of Strindberg’s ‘Miss Julie’. It was a sparkling day. I took the train from salubrious Carrum and met the kids at Bentleigh station, then we took the train straight into the city. It’s changed my life. I’m thinking that once the work finishes on the level crossings, (they’re being put under the road) then I’ll start taking the train to work. Yes! I’ll be rubbing shoulders with the General Public, which is weird to think of, but imagine the extra steps I’ll have on my Fitbit every day. The line is supposed to be finished by August or so, so we’ll see how it goes.

We had our lunches sitting by the Yarra, where the kids passed the time by gossiping and singing songs from ‘Wicked’. They absolutely loved the play.


I just had to show you this. Saturday night.


Sunday night brought Tom24 and Evan19 to see me for Mothers’ Day. Yep, I had a feeling I went a bit overboard with the size of the dog bed!

Thermomix Recipe: Anzac Balls.  Made these today and OMG. SO good.

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From the other side…


Jeffrey wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but he decided to help me anyway. It was 19 years since I moved into this house and I’d forgotten just how much STUFF we owned. And this is from a family who had poverty and a small 50’s house helping us to keep possessions at bay!


In the week we were getting the floors sanded, we moved a few boxes into the new place. Well, I had to. It was more than flesh and blood could stand to have possession of the new place and not to do anything with it.


Here’s the boys’ bathroom. That’s how it looked before the removal van dropped off everything. Even now, three weeks later, the bath is still full of bits and bobs, while we wait for all our new cupboards to be built. I can’t wait till it looks like this again!


My huge veggie garden and fruit trees are no more. I’ve brought all my wicking boxes and pots with me though, and in the fullness of time more veggie gardens will emerge.


Here’s a view from David22’s room. Soon this pinkish paving will be a deck and verandah. Can’t wait…


Soon we’ll have some chairs and a table here, to have the occasional morning coffee here. At the moment, though, I leave for work at around 7:20 each morning, so there’s no screaming hurry for the furniture to arrive.


It was an exciting day when the floors were all done and the furniture could finally arrive. It was a funny thing – even though I obviously knew that this was my new house, it was still all academic until the first few articles of furniture were brought in. Then, suddenly it WAS my house.


With the added bonus of the beach being a mere 5 minutes (if that) walk away, the dogs and I are getting fitter. I’ve never been a huge fan of the beach, (too much sand), but I’m rapidly becoming a convert.


Tom24 came down to visit and we took Poppy and Jeff down. They all loved it.


Meanwhile, back at the old house, Evan19 and his 2 housemates live the decadent lives of young bachelors. Here’s Nathan living it up when I went over there one day.


The lounge room now has 3 sofas, with another one out in the backyard next to a fire pit they dug out and lined with bricks. They’ll be living here until the bulldozers come.

IMG_7685By far the best redecoration is the Housewarming Party Wall. I asked them not to damage anything that we can sell when the house gets pulled down, but that plaster was ok. Evan19 LOVES this wall.

Apparently it was a very good party. The massive beer pong set up in the kitchen was a huge hit, by all accounts. For some reason, I wasn’t invited…


Meanwhile, back home…


Jeff was the only dog for a week, when Poppy came into season and went off to be mated. Poor Poppy! Her initial suitor was a young dog, so she was subjected to an adolescent male who was too stupid to know what he was meant to be doing. So he did nothing except leap around aimlessly.

So she went to his father…. Randy. With a name like that, it’s no surprise that he got the job done. Now it’s a wait to see if she’s pregnant. She’s sleepier than usual, so my sister quipped, “She’s so tired! It’s that first trimester…!” If she’s pregnant, I’ll be dropping her off to her breeder’s place on the long weekend and she’ll have her pups 8 weeks from today. IMG_7563

Unfortunately we’ve had a bit of a Circle of Life thing happen. A week after we moved, Maris died. This is the last photo I took of her, taken in the old house. Daphne doesn’t appear to care too much that she’s now the only cat, which isn’t surprising as they only tolerated each other, even though we got them both on the same day 12 years ago.


Speaking of Daphne, here’s a shot of her exploring, after we had the cats locked in the house for the first week after we moved n. This new place has a cat door, which Daph initially resisted using but is now using like a pro.


I’ve been buying lots of new things for the house, like cupboards and frying pans and Dobby. This is Dobby, our new robotic vacuum cleaner. I can’t afford a cleaner, but I hate vacuuming with a passion. Dobby starts cleaning every morning as I walk out the door. I love him.


I’m loving the new house. Strange to say, I don’t miss the old place at all, even with the long commute.


And bit by bit, it’s all coming together.

Thermomix Recipe: Coconut Curried Pumpkin Soup. This is absolutely divine!



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Busy busy…

I’m still blogging… just in my head; not actually on the keyboard.

Moving in around 2 weeks.

My year 12s are performing their play ‘Alice in Wnderland’ this week. No long weeknd for Ms Frogdancer! We’ve been rehearsing for the last 3 days straight. The thermomix has been making lunch and timtam fudge for them, to keep their strength up.

Packing packing packing.

See you on the other side!


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Skinflint Sunday: Become a teacher and see exhibitions for free!!!!!!!!!

IMG_7481Amazing, isn’t it?

A couple of weeks ago I snuck out of school with a couple of hundred year 8 Art students and a few teachers and we went to see the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei exhibition. This is one of the lurks and perks of teaching – every now and then excursion organisers need a few extra bodies for supervising the kidlets, so every so often you can go to the beach for a Geography excursion, or the theatre for Drama, or a gallery for Art. It all adds to the rich tapestry of life.


Close-up of the above. These are all bikes. Stunning.



Even though I’ve never been that into Warhol, it was still a bit of a thrill to see the soup cans.



Evan19 went to the exhibition with some friends and said that he went to see the Warhol stuff, but came home far more impressed with Ai Weiwei. I have to agree.




These were pots a couple of thousand years old that he covered in paint. I have a few issues with this… it seems like RUINING them to me. Evan19 loved it. Just don’t get me started on the video where he deliberately drops a Han dynasty urn. I can’t get over it.





I’m sorry but I can’t see the artistry in this. It ruffles my soul. I came across this interesting article  while writing this post that talks about the same thing. Where does art stop and vandalism begin?


The kids LOVED this part of the exhibition. Also Ai Weiwei. You should have seen them sprinting towards it. Even ultra-grown-up 14 year olds love a balloon or thirty.


This was beautiful. A sculpture of porcelain flowers that the NGV commissioned.


Every single flower is unique. Ai Weiwei.





But there’s more whimsical things too:






The last room was a cat/kid room. Both artists were (well… are in Ai Weiwei’s case) massive cat lovers.



There was also a room for kids to play in. Some of our year 8s built a fort.



Really interesting exhibition. This article gives a lot of background, especially about how Lego refused the rights to use their product, and also the bicycle basket project, both part of the exhibition.



I would’ve taken more photos, but it was difficult to take shots when the kids were in the way. They loved it.


Thermomix Recipe: Rye Bread Rolls. When we move in a month or so, I’ve decided I’m going to give up collecting the free bread from the bakery that we’ve been doing for the last 17 years. The commute to Carrum at 5:30 on a weeknight just wouldn’t be wrth the savings. So I’m eying off bread recipes. Evan19 and I are also thinking of doing a sourdough class…. imagine eating sourdough bread every day? Mmmmmm….

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So instead of gardening, I’ve been knitting.


So I bought a cat scratching post thing. I’m thinking that I might get a leather couch or two at some stage after I move, because Poppy and Jeff are obviously snoozing on the fabric couches while I’m at work and I’m sick of vacuuming them. (The couches, not the dogs.) But I don’t want the cats to scratch them. Actually, I probably mean both the dogs and the couches here, but I bought the scratching post to save the furniture. So far Maris has adopted it whole-heartedly. Daphne is a bit slower, but she’s slowly coming to like it.


Look at this magnificent purple beast! I promised Connor19 that when we moved we’d get a sofa bed for the back “man cave” family room so his friends can still pop around and see him. I was going to get a couple of really nice ones, but then I looked at the financials and thought…. ‘yeah…. nah….’

So Gumtree came to the rescue.


David22’s already slept on it, after he intelligently left his window open at night with the light on and his room filled with mosquitos. I pretty pleased with it. For $170 delivered this will keep the boys happy until we sell the development and I get my money. Then I can upgrade the furniture… unless I become very fond of the purple.


Ryan21 loves his cowls. I made one like this for Scott as a little thank-you for my trip and it’s beautiful yarn – a mix of wool and silk. I’m currently working on another one for Ryan21, which will make 3 of them that he can choose between. The other boys say they won’t wear them so they miss out.:)


I love this cowl. I bought the cotton yarn at a little place called Much Wenlock in England, so on Ravelry it’s called the “Much Wenlock Cowl.” The real name for the pattern has a particularly unfortunate title, so I think this is much more PC.:)


I have another colourway of this scarf that went all around Europe with me. It’s made from sock yarn and it scrunches up to nothing in a backpack. Love it. I knitted it as a straight scarf and then sewed up the ends.


This one isn’t really a success. The yarn is too thick for it. It’s like pulling on a cowl made of colourbond steel around your neck. Still, on those extra-frosty mornings when I’m leaving home at the crack of dawn because i’ll have such a long commute, it might come in useful.


This one I love. I bought this yarn at The Shambles in York… hence the name I gave it. I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this one.


I also made a shawl, but it’s a bit small. I think I’m going to have to unpick the end and keep on going for another ball of wool or two.


And dishcloths.


And home-made pasta. Here’s some lasagne sheets we made a few nights ago. Evan19 gave me a pasta roller for Christmas, so we make the dough in the thermomix and then turn it into delectable delights.

Thermomix Recipe: Vegan Gluten-free Chocolate Chia puddings. Just the thing if you need a chocolate hit first thing in the morning! It’s very good for you too.

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Future Frogdancer… that wrinkled old hag.

  • I saw this on Facebook today and I loved it. It’s exactly the same reasoning that I use for “Old Lady Frogdancer” and it’s the reason why I’m selling my house and moving half an hour away. Future Frogdancer will need to be taken care of and she’ll be glad that I put things in place to do so… just like my boys were glad that I bought a house near their secondary school (one of the best in Melbourne) when my oldest son was just entering prep and we still had 7 years before we needed to be in the zone.
    The woman who wrote it is the author of “Eat, Pray, Love”, a book I’ve never read but I’ve heard about.

    Dear Ones –

    Whenever my family used to go on a trip, the last thing my mother would do before she walked out the door was to make her bed nicely, with clean sheets and everything. When I asked her once why she went through all that trouble to make a bed that she wasn’t going to sleep in all week, she said, “It’s a present that I give to my future self, because I know she’ll appreciate that, when she gets back home.”

    I think this was the first time I grasped the idea of having a “future self” who is different from the person I was at the moment.

    It was something about my mother calling her future self “she” — not “I”…an awareness that this future self was a totally separate being.

    And it was definitely the first time I considered that you could be NICE to your future self — doing her favors, leaving her treats, making the bed for her…

    We are often told to be kind to ourselves, but it takes a special sort of awareness to be kind to our FUTURE selves. Maybe that’s who we are really talking about, when we say that we should be kind to ourselves. Because your poor, innocent, sweet future self is the person who will have to cope with whatever choices you make right now. (As evidence by the mess I had to clean up around the age of 30, from so many reckless decisions I made in my 20s.)

    I don’t want to be mean to my future self anymore. I don’t want her to have to deal with illnesses and struggles and catastrophes that my current self sets into motion. (I also don’t want her to have to face the sorrows of gum disease, which is the ONLY reason I ever floss my damn teeth. Every night, bored at the sink, flossing away, I’m like, “This one’s for you, future Liz!”)

    When I’m doing preparation to write a new novel (like I am now), it’s such a drag to get myself moving on the boring tasks of compiling research…but as I sit there at my desk, reading dull books, filling out index card after index card of notes I say, again, “This one’s for you, future Liz!” And it totally pays off. For instance, when it came time to write THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS, I had six boxes of index cards filled with notes and research to draw upon in creating my novel. It was so useful! Like some kind of magical elf had helped me so much! I started laughing one day at my desk, as I heard myself say aloud, “Hey, thanks, past Liz!”

    And past Liz sent future Liz a friendly salute across time…and it was a curiously lovely sensation.

    When all your selves — your past self, your present self, and your future self — can make friends with each other and be kind to each other, life somehow seems less fraught with suffering and anguish.

    So what can you do today for your future self?

    Something as small as making her bed for her?

    Something as big as saving some money for her?

    Something as totally life-transforming as quitting smoking for her, or getting out of a toxic relationship for her?

    Whatever it is — big or small — do your future self a kindness today.

    You are all she has.


Thermomix Recipe: Skinnymixer’s Lunchbox Chicken Loaf… The thermomix continues to surprise me, even after 4 years. I never buy this sort of meat, because of all the added fat that ‘glues’ it together, but I remember from when I was a kid how delicious it is. Imagine being able to make this and be able to make quick and (now) healthy sandwiches because you know what goes into them?

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I have a lot of books.


So this is what I’ve been doing in the holidays. Along with a lot of sleeping, reading and knitting… who am I trying to fool? But in the midst of all the glorious sleep and novels, it occurred to me that we’ve been living in this house for 19 years. There’s nooks and crannies here that probably haven’t seen the light of day in ages. It might be best if I started assembling thermomix boxes and getting things packed.


Daphne decided to help.


But she got a bit shy.


Maris, on the other hand, is content to supervise.

It’s dawning on me that I’ll have to do freakishly scary things like decorate and furnish new spaces. That’s why it was nice to read this blog post from one of ‘The Block’ competitors this morning: It’s ok to change your mind.

Roughly two months to go!

Thermomix recipe: Skinnymixer’s Roast Pork Belly with Caramelised Apple Sauce. The internet is raving over this one.

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Skinflint Sunday: Look, but don’t buy.


Last week my friend Megan collected me and we went to an antiques barn in Glen Waverley. It was HUGE. We didn’t end up buying anything but we had an entertaining hour or two wandering around looking at all the stalls. It was like the places Scott and I went to in England, but on a vastly bigger scale.


Imagine adding these to your vinyl collection?


There was stuff everywhere. And I mean everywhere.


Megan even found a ‘Princess Chair.”


This is the closest thing I found to Staffordshire dogs. In England the antiques places were jam-packed with them; here this is all that you get.


No comment.


Nothing like being able to lock your rack.


Mum had a couple of measuring cups like this when I was a kid. I would’ve bought it, except I don’t use weights like this now. In fact, there’s only 3 countries who still use imperial measurements. Liberia, Myanmar and the USA. Maybe I should have bought it for Spo?


And lucky last was a fox. Just what every house needs.

I’ve started packing. Yes, I know I still have over 2 months to go, but we’ve lived here 19 years. There’s a lot of things to go through. I never knew books could get so dusty…

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Here’s the photos.


These photos are taken from the glossy brochure the real estate agent gave me. I’ve always wanted real brick paving in my driveway… now I’ll have it!

Sometimes it’s the little things…


The kitchen is smaller than I have here, but that’s ok. Soon enough it’ll be just me living here. And Poppy and Jeff and Daphne and Maris and the future minature-wire-haired-dachshund Audrey.


No linen cupboard, but everyone can just keep their own sheet sets in their own wardrobes, while I’ll keep towels etc for the bathroom in a cupboard in the laundry, when I put the wall of cupboards in.

Imagine a generous, wide verandah out the back? It’s going to be lovely.

Thermomix recipe: Peach Margarita. Because nothing would be nicer than sitting on an extra-generously proportioned verandah in summer and sipping on one of these.:)

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So here’s what happened.


Yes, I know this looks like Blogless Sandy bought the house, but I’m the one just to the right of her. The other photos taken by the real estate agent were all wrecked by the sun.

So you know how when you want to move, you have a list of needs and wants? You know that you’ll have to compromise on some of the wants, but basically you know what you’re looking for? Mine were as follows:

  1. 4 bedrooms, or 3 and a dining room/study that we could convert to a bedroom while I still have 3 boys living with me.
  2. Within walking distance of a train station. Ryan21 and Evan19 have no desire to get their licences and they need to get to work etc. This was an annoying requirement, as it cut down hugely on where I could look. People kept telling me to get rid of my parasitic boys so I could live where I liked, but I’m reasonably fond of them.
  3. 2 living areas inside. This is bigger than the house I’m currently living in, but thinking about Christmas brought it home to me that in the future when the boys have families, Christmases, birthdays and the Biggest Day Of Them All (Mothers Day, of course!) will be very squashy unless we have a bit more space to spread out.
  4. A kitchen bench big enough for 2 thermomixes. This isn’t asking for much… the thermomix only takes up the space of a piece of A4 paper. You wouldn’t credit how ridiculously small some kitchens are. I’d be looking at a house on the internet, nodding, nodding, then I’d get to the kitchen shots and see NO bench space. Stupid.
  5. A walk-in wardrobe for me. This was definitely a ‘want’, not a ‘need’, as I’ve never ever had one, but I love the idea of the storage.
  6. A big laundry. Never had one, would love one.
  7. A corner pantry. When I designed this kitchen I currently have, the cabinet maker was able to fit one in. I LOVE it.
  8. A Caesar stone bench top. Definitely a ‘want’, and it’s something I could put in at a later date if the house didn’t have one.
  9. A smaller, more low maintenance garden than the one I currently have. With all the best will in the world, I can’t keep up with the space I have here. I need a block of land that in the short-term will be easy enough for me to manage, but has potential for the longer term for me to start up food gardening on a larger scale when I have more time. Or when the zombie apocalypse hits.
  10. Within a half-hour’s drive to work.
  11. Space enough for the chooks.
  12. A doggie door for the dogs and cats. Never had one, but it’d be an agreeable luxury.
  13. Ducted heating and cooling. Oh my wordy yes.
  14. A single story dwelling. I’ve only ever lived in a two-story house when I was sub-letting in my first home away from home when I was a student and it wasn’t bad, but I’d prefer the easy access of having everything on the one level. However, if the right house came along and the boys’ rooms were all upstairs, I’d consider it.
  15. A pretty house.
  16. A verandah out the back. I want somewhere attractive to sit and have a drink and a chat. If it’s big enough to entertain out there as well, so much the better!
  17. Real wooden floor boards. This started off being a preference, but as I looked at more houses, it turned into a need. None of this ‘floating floorboards’ rubbish! I adore my real wooden floors; so practical and so attractive. Mrs Popplesfield threw up in my bedroom yesterday – imagine the drama if my room was carpeted? Tiled floors are practical but look cold… it’s real wooden floorboards all the way for me.
  18. It should have a lemon tree. This started off as a joke at work, when I kept coming in, saying, “I’ve found the Perfect House For Us… again!!” I kept saying that the only thing I want is a lemon tree. Still, to be honest, I don’t have a successful lemon tree here and I’d like one.
  19. The second most important requirement: I have to spend a sensible amount on it, enough to get a lovely house for the boys and I but also I need to have enough left over from the sale of my block to have enough to make a substantial deposit into my superannuation. This, after all, is the reason I’m doing this. So houses in the immediate vicinity are OUT. They’re all as ridiculously expensive as my current house is.:)
  20. And finally the most important one: the house in some ways is an upsize to where we’re living now, but it’s a balancing act. It has to be big enough to house myself and my remaining 3 hulking sons, but NOT so big that when they leave I’m left rattling around in a ridiculously big house all by myself. (And Poppy and Jeff and Daphne and Maris and my way into-the-future miniature wire-haired dachshund called Audrey.)

Looking for houses is so much easier now. is extremely addictive and it allows you to inspect hundreds of properties and narrow down the ones you actually want to physically inspect. I have looked at literally hundreds over the last few months. I fell in love with a place at Edithvale and was going to put in an offer before auction, but my brother in law looked at it for me and warned me off it, saying there was 100K worth of building fixer-uppers to do to it. It eventually sold for 825K, so with stamp duty and the improvements it would have ended up being virtually a million-dollar house. It was a little weatherboard cottage… not worth that. Plus, I’m not made of money!

Then I found a couple of lovely houses in Oakleigh South. Everything done already, gardens smaller than mine but still do-able, only 15 minutes drive to work…. I didn’t end up bidding on either but they both went for just a couple of grand under 1 million dollars each. That’s a lot of money. I decided to look a little further out.

Then I found an Edwardian house in Mordialloc. It was on half a block of land and it was SO cute. It only had 3 bedrooms but we could have adapted a sunroom for Evan19. I went up to 740K at the auction, but then something stopped me. I could have gone higher but wow. It’s on 400 square metres of land, the roof needed fixing, the kitchen needed updating, the floors in the bedrooms would have to be covered by carpet… I let it go. It went for 830K, I think. This auction was on Dec 19, just before Christmas. Blogless Sandy was with me at the auction. On the way home she said, “Just relax over Christmas and give the house hunting a rest. There’ll be a new batch of houses coming in mid-January.” Sensible advice.

So of course as soon as I got home I fired up the computer and went back onto

I found a house that had just been listed. It was for private sale. The price quoted was CHEAP. Well, cheap for Melbourne, anyway. In any other city but Sydney it’d be a ridiculous amount of money. It was further out than I would like, but it appeared to tick a lot of the boxes on my wants and needs list. I rang the agent on Dec 22 and arranged to go out there that night and have a look.

OMG. I couldn’t believe it. This house was PERFECT for us. All but 2 of the things on my list were there. Everything else was done. The people who owned the house were planning to live there forever, but then the husband was offered his dream job in the mines in WA. They originally came from there and it was too good an offer to pass up. They had the house on the market 3 weeks before I saw it and a guy bought it subject to finance, then after 3 weeks told them that he couldn’t get it. Then 2 days after they put it up for sale again, I walked in. Fortunate Frogdancer who has her finances in order! I put in an offer the next day and it was accepted that night. David22, Evan19, Blogless Sandy and I were actually at the house having another look when the news came through. It was very exciting.

Before they knew they were leaving, the current owners restumped, put a new roof on it, installed a huge set of solar panels, put a rainwater tank on, replastered the walls, renovated the bathrooms and kitchen, put in a very expensive electric ducted heating and cooling system, (and there’s a gas ducted heating system through the floor as well… I’ll never be cold) and basically made the house totally fresh and shiny and new. It has fruit and nut trees, a back garden that is currently paved (low maintenance) but of course the pavers can be pulled up when I’m ready to garden. The block is 100 square metres smaller than the one I’ve got now, which was just the size I was looking for.

Bonus points: 5 minutes walk to the beach. The beach is a dog leash-free beach for most of the year, so Poppy and Jeff will love it. It’s 5 minutes from the river, which will be another nice walk for us. The laundry is huge enough to swing a cat in it, not that I’m planning on doing that. The station is literally a 2-minute walk, so although the time spent on the train will be longer for the boys, the time spent walking is substantially shorter, so it works out about the same. An Aldi supermarket is just around the corner, within walking distance, and the vet is around the other corner. The freeways are a 4-minute drive away. Turn left and I’m going towards the city. Turn right and I’m heading to the Peninsula, which means I’m closer to my sister.

The two things I’m letting go? There’s not enough space for the chooks. I’ve already found a home for them with a friend from work though, so that’s ok. The other one is that it’ll take me an extra 10 minutes each way to commute. Or I could take the train with the General Public…? Still, as regards the extra drive time, I figure that’s why God created podcasts, surely?

The price? Way cheaper than anything around here, but when you consider its proximity to the beach, I won’t ever lose money on it. If it was in my neighbourhood you’d have to pay an extra 400K on it, easy. This gives me a nice chunk to throw at superannuation and it eases the pressure on what Old Lady Frogdancer will do in her declining years. I couldn’t be happier.

We move in around Easter. This means I stay close to home during term 1 when I’ll be really busy with my Theatre Studies class and their production, and then we move to our ‘seachange’. I can’t believe my luck.

I have pictures from the brochure to show you, but they’re taking their sweet time to upload, so I’ll press ‘publish’ and show you all tomorrow. It’s my nephew’s wedding day today, so I have to go and beautify myself so as not to embarrass the family. It’ll take a while…

Thermomix recipe: Gin, Tonic and Lime. Just the thing for sitting out on the verandah after work on a hot summer’s day. I’m going to have a verandah!!!!! Well, it’s out the front of the house, but given time I’ll build a big, awesome expansive verandah out the back as well.:) I like a good project!



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