Skinflint Sunday: The ‘No Spend Days’ chart.

Vet bill for Jeffrey.

I just did a search to see if I’ve ever written about my ‘No Spend Days’ chart here and it seems like I haven’t.

I’m aghast! This is such a great tool for our little group to know about. I’ve been doing it for at least 4 years and it works beautifully in making my spending intentional instead of mindless.

I’m so sorry!

If you’re interested in learning how to make a game out of learning how to wave the credit card/wallet with intent, instead of simply out of habit, then grab a cuppa. I’m going to link you to 3 posts on the FIRE blog where I’ve written about this in detail. No sense doing the same job twice, hey?

The initial post in 2018 – where I detail how it works and what the ‘rules’ are.

Another post in 2020 – describing how lockdowns affected my spending – in a good way.

And the latest post, where I talk about how my massive 61 week silver streak came to an end. Hint – look at the photo at the top of the page.

I hope you take the time to see how the chart works. It’s been a massively successful tool for me, especially when I was paying out 73% of my take-home wage on the bridging finance when I was doing the property development on the old house and I’d bought The Best House In Melbourne.

Anyway – what else has been going on?

The baby quilt that I talked about last week has finally been unpicked and new colours substituted for the yellow. I sewed up the rows so today, after I go out and sweep up some leaves that have fallen from the neighbour’s ornamental pear trees (free mulch – yay!) I’m hoping to finish sewing the top together and (maybe) sandwich it all together again ready for quilting.

Ryan26 has a 2 week break until he can go back and finish his Myotherapy course, so we’ve decided that every day, I’ll take him out driving so he can get his licence. We had our first lesson yesterday. I took him to a car park that the local pub, hardware store and Dan Murphy’s share. We tootled around the back part for a while and he was doing so well that I allowed him to get on the roads and drive us home. For someone who suffers from anxiety when he thought about driving, he’s knocked it out of the park. I didn’t have to grab the Jesus strap once!

Remember when we harvested all of these beauties from the front yard? This would only have been half the haul – I’d already taken a shopping trolley’s-worth up to work to give away and I’d also waked up and down the street giving away some as well.

We’re down to the very last one. I’ve been putting pumpkin into pretty much anything I could so nothing would go to waste. They’ve lasted beautifully and I’ll be sorry to see them go. Still, to console me, I still have about 150 meal-sized bags of chopped zucchini to see me through…

Last year we had lots of peas spring up from the pea straw mulch. I let some dry on the vine and we had a delectable pea soup with a ham hock for a couple of dinners last week. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to create a meal from something you’ve produced from the garden. (That’s the peas, not the ham hock. Had to buy that part of the dish.)

2 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: The ‘No Spend Days’ chart.

  1. Wow those pumpkins look amazing….I got one child through learning to drive….it’s tough for the parent [well for me anyway] because I like driving and of course we [non driving instructors] don’t have dual pedals…anyway he’s been driving now for 7 months….next Feb the then 16 year old will be next. I think I need more of a break between kids learning to drive.

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