Love this clip!

Watch this: Bronte sisters power dolls. It’s hilarious.

Too busy to post… I’m in the last-week-of-term-before-the-holidays-and-my-house-is-a-schamozzle space. Must finish Gim’s quilt TODAY. Only 5 more school days to go before the holidays… 5 more days…

Still… I remembered I had photos in the camera of the chickies.


This is Dennis. Or maybe Fudge. I love the bit of grass in her mouth. (We hope it’s a ‘her’. Any boys will be going back to live in the country.)


The proud papa. We just got back from a 2 hour session to get his regrowth recrocheted. He’s battling a huge headache.


They’re really becoming silky now… all except for under the wings. When they flap, it’s bald under there. They have black skin, so it looks weird… not very chicken-like at all. I think these girls will be safe from the pot.

And last but not least: Look at the SIZE of this egg:


It’s almost twice the size of a normal egg. When Tom1 forgot to let the chooks out of the coop when I was at craft camp and they spent 4 hours longer in there than normal, Buffy obviously went on strike. For a week…. nothing. Then on Saturday, she laid this freak monster egg.

I don’t care how well designed your nether regions are for egg laying…. that one HAD to hurt!

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2 Responses to Love this clip!

  1. trash says:

    Ooow! Btw is that I slippage I spotted up there?

  2. Natalie says:

    I have heard that Silkie roosters are gentle-men birds… rather docile. We hope we have all hens too, but a nice rooster could be fun too.
    The Bronte Sisters! That was good.
    You are a great source for video goodness!

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