David2, Ryan3 and Evan4 and I are looking at Awkward Family Photos.

This one just popped up and we all screamed. Just thought I’d share…

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8 Responses to OMG!!!!

  1. libby says:

    OMG love it lol….. the noisy one here was often called the exorcist at primary school, at first she was upset but I think she then decided rather than showing it upset her that she would play on the idea of the name and terrify the class instead LOL. btw love the fluffy bantams

  2. mamatulip says:

    *snort* I just choked on my coffee.

  3. Natalie says:

    You win!
    Every morning I love discovering who will make me laugh out loud first… this is it. This may make me laugh all week.
    Happy Solstice!

  4. nicole says:

    Ok, I have to ask, who is it?!

  5. Frogdancer says:

    It’s a site. Thankfully, that kid is no one we’re related to.

  6. nicole says:

    Whew. Lucky you, can you imagine her standing next to your bed at night? 😉

  7. That scared the crap out of me, and then I laughed so hard I dropped my laptop.

    Good job.

  8. Amber says:

    Holy cow! Hilarious. I completely believe the screaming was loud when you came across this one. toooo funny!

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