Ian’s quilt.

So now the second promised quilt from my dinner party in February is done!

This one was made from the rest of the 3 packs of charm squares that I bought from the quilting shop in Victor Harbour on my holiday. Plus the white from my stash and a mix of b/w polka dots and grey, also from the stash. The back is from a thrifted doona cover. I wish I’d bought another charm pack – this quilt is a lap-sized quilt and I would’ve liked it to have been a bit bigger.

Every time I use HSTs (half square triangles) I hate getting the points aligning. Especially when I have to unpick part of a seam and try again. MANY expletives come out of my mouth when actually sewing these quilt tops and I vow – never again.

But once they’re done they look so effective.

Ian requested blues, but I like the way the bits of green add contrast. I think they make the quilt pop.

Yesterday I started work on a baby quilt for Jack29.

No, he’s not expecting! One of his close friends is, so he requested a quilt. In my wisdom, I’ve picked a design with around 450 pieces.

Maybe lockdown #4 has affected me more than I think…

5 thoughts on “Ian’s quilt.

  1. The quilt looks great and yes mentioning a baby quilt for your son had me thinking. For years I have been using the method of pinning right in the centre of the joins and they never fail me to get them lining up accurately. Hard to describe in writing however I put a pin through the centre of the top fabric then with the next fabric behind about 1cm away I then put the pin through the right spot there and then push the rest of the pin flat on the fabric. That way the centre of the joins always line up. A bit hard to explain. You are on a roll with your quilts.

  2. HSTs always look so good though! But the trimming and the points are a pain in the backside.

    And just to be pedantic….it’s Victor HARBOR (no U). An error was made way back when and so it’s not spelt the Aussie way. I’m leaving the bright lights of RAdelaide to move there – next week actually – and I can.not.wait!

  3. This is gorgeous. The colours are so fresh. Could see this on my son’s bed. Meanwhile I have not progressed on my 9-patch quilt, sigh.

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