Skinflint Sunday: I may never need a hairdresser again.

We’ve been in lockdown for a while and I didn’t get my hair cut and coloured in the 9 days between lockdown #5 and #6. This meant that I was walking around with what appeared to be a haystack on my head with a chic racing stripe of grey running through it.

On Friday night I said to Ryan26, “Do you think I should shave my head?”

He leapt to his feet and said, “Mum, I’m sick of hearing about this. Come on, we’re going to do it right now!”

Upon reflection, I may have brought up the topic eleventy times over the past couple of weeks. Long-term readers of this blog would know that 15 years ago I shaved my head in front of the whole school for The World’s Greatest Shave, then I kept that style for a year because I loved it so much. But in those youthful days I didn’t have grey hair…

My hair is nearly white around my face, with it getting steadily darker brown as it grows further back on my head. I was worried that it’d look weird if I shaved it. WHAT an idiot I was! It looks natural because… well, it IS natural.

Ryan26 chose a number 6 and off he went, waving that shaver around like a man possessed. I must have been driving him mad with my ‘will I or won’t I?’ conversations about my hair.

By 9:08 PM it was all finished. I know it was that time because I went straight to FB and said what I’d done. Apparently a lot of people still access FB at that time. I got lots of demands for photos. I said I’d post some tomorrow – on a lockdown it’s good to have something to look forward to.

In the morning, after a little bit of neatening up, I posted a couple of photos. I’m pretty sure Mum hasn’t been on FB yet because I know, when she does, I’ll get a phone call. Dad’s not a fan of the buzz cut look for girlies…

Things I remember from last time:

  1. Eyebrow maintenance is a MUST. There’s no fringe for them to hide behind.
  2. Hats are very important in summer. A sunburned scalp is never fun. And it makes you look like a tomato.
  3. Hats are very important in winter. Hmmm… maybe I should get a few beanies on the needles?
  4. A thinner face looks better with this hairdo. I need to take the dogs on longer walks.

As this is a Skinflint Sunday post, let’s talk savings. Assuming that I continue with this snazzy style forever, how much money will I save?

Already, I get a pretty good deal on my cut and colours. It costs $80 at my local hairdresser, the only drawback being that they don’t take appointments, so you never know how long you’ll be waiting before you get a seat.

I get a cut every 6 weeks, so that works out to roughly 9 times a year. I’ll be saving $720/year if I keep getting Ryan26 to shave my noggin. Hmmm… that’d pay for a few bevvies on the boat to Antarctica…

I used to buy my ground coffee from Aldi but then I tried the columbian coffee from Costco. I really like it so, of course, I make sure that the zombie apocalypse cupboard is always well-stocked. This house can do without many things but a morning coffee and an evenings wine(s) are not among them!

A while ago I did an experiment where I priced out what a cup of coffee costs me to make at home. Since writing that post, I’ve caved and we buy the big tins of Kirkland coffee from Costco, but we still decant them into the little, sexier coffee tin.

At first all 3 of us were drinking the real coffee, but a year or so ago Ryan26 decided that it doesn’t agree with him, so he’s gone back to instant. That left David27 and I. He likes a strong brew, so he was using 2 scoops for every cup.

Then he moved out…

… and I began to wonder how long each sexy container of coffee would last with only 1 person having a morning coffee. If I was going to measure it, now would be the time. No visitors are able to come during lockdown to screw up the results by asking for a coffee!

See? There’s always a silver lining.

But how would I remember when the sexy coffee tin was full and the experiment began?

I tell you – Frogdancer Jones comes up with some genius ideas at times!

Yesterday the jar was emptied. It takes 3 weeks for me to work my way through one sexy coffee jar’s worth of coffee. This means that I probably have about a year’s supply tucked away here. Considering that people are murmuring about a world-wide coffee shortage looming, this makes me feel pretty good.

I wrote about how I “darn” socks HERE.

Works a treat, especially if you don’t care about the aesthetics.

8 thoughts on “Skinflint Sunday: I may never need a hairdresser again.

  1. A week or so ago I saw a you tube video by Morgan Donner showcasing hairstyles through the centuries.

    After watching it I started talking about having a buzz cut. When we lived in France I went to the hairdresser and said I wanted my hair short – she obliged! It was so wonderful after swimming to just rub the towel over my hair and have it pretty much dry. I’ve wondered what to do when my hairdresser retires (she is 71), and I am really thinking of rocking a buzz cut. Maybe my husband will be like your son and get so fed up of me that he will do it for me!

  2. Your buzzer looks good! Me? On Sunday, aged of 63.5 years, I git dread locks for the first time in my life. That’ll keep me going til COVID is much better managed 😁

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