David28’s quilt – the one that Ryan26 designed.

This one was a long time coming!

A few months ago, I asked David27 if he’d like another quilt. The only one he had from me was the 3rd quilt I’d ever made and he’s using it as a car quilt now. A couple of years ago, at his request, I made a screamingly pink queen-sized quilt for his then-girlfriend, now fiancee Izzy.

At first he said, “No, it’s ok. You made Izzy’s quilt”, but when I replied with, “You know that Tom29 and Evan25 have 4 quilts each, don’t you?” he was outraged.

“I call Shenanigans!!” he sad.

He sent through a picture of a quilt he liked, and Ryan26, who was feeling bored during lockdown, decided to make the design a bit more intricate. We soon found out that designing a quilt isn’t as easy as it looks!

Anyway, I made a test baby quilt sized one – then once that worked out I ordered LOTS of fabric – (because naturally, he wanted colours that I don’t usually work with AND he wanted solids, which again I don’t often use.)

And, of course, he wanted a queen-sized bed quilt. Because anything smaller would be just too easy to fit through my sewing machine…

“What’s that white thing?” I hear you ask.

It’s the tip of a thumb on my quilting glove. I intelligently sewed it so securely to the top of the quilt that I had to cut it off, then CAREFULLLLY use the quikunpick to remove it. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I seem to be developing a habit of it, though this time was the first time I actually had to cut a piece off the glove.

You’d think after making 40 quilts I’d know what I was doing.

The backing was some extra-wide fabric I saw at Spotlight. It was a week before Christmas so I had to get this thing done if I wanted the Big Reveal in front of the whole family.

Just between you and me — yes I wanted the big reveal. Of course I did!!

I machine stitched the binding. Even though it’s quicker than hand-sewing, by the time you get all of the pinning down I wonder just how much faster it really is. It seemed to take forever.

Anyway, the fabric on the front is all Kona Cotton. I found a great little online shop called Eclectic Mumma based in Ormond and she stocks every colour – very handy. She was so helpful and the packages arrived at blistering speed.

It’s 95″ X 100″.

I quilted it with my normal loopy stitch.

David28 loves it and so I’m happy. This was a real family project!

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