The click-clack of creativity.


I’m surrounded by the clacking of computer keys. I’ve taken my year 8s into a computer room and I’ve given them a story starter and then they all have to finish the story without talking to anyone or reading what anyone else has done. The last ten minutes of the class will be left for them to wander the room and see what the rest of the class has written.

We were talking about creativity and imagination and so I’m hoping that there’s enough divergence with each story to show that even when a group of people start from the same point, the way the storylines travel with each writer will vary greatly. This is a particularly strong class this year so I’m looking forward to seeing what they produce.

The starter I gave them was:

I heard the door creak as it slowly opened. My eyes strained to see  through the dark night. Strange music floated out into the street and I knew that danger was near.

I cleared my throat. Did I dare to speak or should I run for it?


Two days after the water tank ran dry it’s bucketing down with rain. Pretty good timing.

Every now and then there’s a chortle of laughter from one of the authors. I love it when kids amuse themselves with what they write.

Tom21 had his wisdom teeth out yesterday. I was working during the day and had a team meeting here at night so he drove himself to his father’s place and stayed there, while Viv drove him to hospital and picked him up. I had a frantic day yesterday and didn’t get to speak with him. I sent a text at 3PM saying, “How are you?” The reply at 7.30PM? “I’m alive.” That’s all I know.

These kids are really going for it. There’s silence and they’re all madly typing. There’s slabs of text on every screen. It’s fabulous when a class is really engaged in what they’re doing and I know they’re going to love reading what everyone else has written. This year I seem (touch wood) to have a really strong group of classes. I’ve got 5, ranging from year 7 to year 9 and they’re all switched on and keen to do well. I’m loving it. Loving it!

Two minutes to go!!!!

This may not be the most appropriate recipe for heavily ‘school laden’ post, but I sent this out to my customers a few weeks ago and they loved it. Peach Margarita. If you want the recipe click on the recipe tab on her blog and it’ll be there.

Thermomix recipe: Peach Margarita

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